In today's technological world, keeping up with the latest science and technology is a necessary part of everyday life. In addition, science education fuels curiosity and provides children with valuable ideas, skills, and potential future career choices.

Check out our Pinterest Board for Discover Science and Technology to find some great ideas to use with your badge-work. Keep in mind that these sites are not part of the Frontier Girls Program, so use at your own risk. Girls should get a parent’s permission before using this site. Discover Science and Technology– Pinterest Board



Sample Science and Technology Badges

Members Only Science and Technology Badges






















**Biographies Badge: Scientists, inventors, astronauts, etc.

**Car Racing Badge: NASCAR, Formula One, Drag racing, etc.

**Manmade Wonders Badge: Dams, bridges, skyscrapers, etc.

**Seasons Badge: Summer, winter, fall spring


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