In today's global world, kids need to understand more about the world around them than just what is in their own backyard. Learning about our world's geography, different cultures and people, and our history will give them a better understand of the world today.

Check out our Pinterest Board for Discover the World to find some great ideas to use with your badge-work. Keep in mind that these sites are not part of the Frontier Girls Program, so use at your own risk. Girls should get a parent’s permission before using this site. Discover the World– Pinterest Board




Sample World Badges


Members Only World Badges


























**Biographies Badge: Map makers, explorers, advocates for world peace, etc.

**Culture by Country Badge: China, Mexico, Russia, etc.

**Foreign Language Badge: Japanese, French, German, etc.

**Historic Era Badge: Victorian, 1960's, Renaissance, etc.

**History by Country Badge: Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc.

**Holiday Specific Badge: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

**National Monuments Badge: Lincoln memorial, Washington memorial, etc.

**National Parks Badge: Yellowstone, Yosemite, etc.

**Native American Tribe Badge: Sioux, Nez Pierce, Cheyenne, etc.

**Travel Destinations Badge: Orlando, FL, Nashville, TN, London, England, etc.

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