how to make paper pumpkins1

 Wanting a cute, festive decoration for your home? We've got you covered! These paper pumpkins are not only adorable but super easy to make. You will need:


  • Orange paper

  • A hole punch

  • Glue or a stapler

  • Brads

  • Green pipe cleaner

  • Decorative flower


1. Cut 5 strips of orange paper (whatever length is fine).

2. Gather your strips of paper and hole punch them at the end. Put a brad through the hole, lay your strips flat and fan them out.


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3. Fold the strips of paper up into the middle. Glue or staple each strip together at the top until you have the shape of a pumpkin.


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4. Use a green pipe cleaner for the stem. Fold the tip down about half way and twist until the pipe cleaner looks like a pumpkin stem. Glue or staple to the top of the pumpkin.


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5. Take a decorative flower and hole punch the middle. Glue or staple it to the stem. Your finished!


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