Fuse Bead Badge

Discover Art

By Tyler Russell, Level 2 Troop 159


Fuse beads are also known as Perler beads, Hama beads, and Nabbi beads.


Penguins: do 3 requirements including the 2 starred:

*1.  Know what fuse beads are and what makes them different from other beads.

*2.  Make a necklace or bracelet out of fuse Beads.


Otters: do 4 requirements including the 2 starred:

*1. Do Penguin requirements #1 & #2

*2.  Make a fuse bead mosaic with the beads fused together with the help of an adult.   Learn and obey all safety rules when working with fusible beads.


Dolphins: do 5 requirements including the 2 starred:

*1. Do Otter requirements #1 & #2 and make make at least two fuse bead creations.

*2.   Find out the history of fuse beads, otherwise known as Perler Beads.  Who invented them and when?  Where were they invented?


Butterflies: do 6 requirements including the 2 starred:

*1. Do Dolphin requirements #1 & #2 and make at least 3 fuse bead creations

*2. Find out at least 6 different brands of fuse beads.  Which get the best reviews and why?


Eagles do 7 requirements including the 2 starred:

*1. Do Butterfly requirements #1 & #2 and make at least 4 fuse bead creations.

*2. Make a 3D fuse bead creation.


Owls: do 9 requirements including the 2 starred:

_____ 1.* Do Eagle requirements 1 & 2 and make at least 5 fuse bead creations.

_____ 2.* Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone. You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge. If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.




  1. Find out how many colors fuse beads come in.  Does it vary by company?
  2.  What is the size differences between mini, midi and maxi beads.  What are each usually used for?
  3. Create your own fuse bead pattern
  4. Learn how to make a fuse bead pattern from a photo or drawing.
  5. Make a piece of fuse bead artwork similar to a painting such as those by Patricia Padilla del Rio from Mexico.
  6.  Make a 3D fuse bead sculpture
  7. Make a 3D fuse bead box.
  8. Participate in a community service project that involves fuse bead such as making projects to sell and donating the money to charity or helping with a children's center at a local festival or charity event and teaching kids how to use fuse beads.
  9. Find at least 6 good "maker spaces" to sell fuse bead projects online.
  10. Learn about a famous fuse bead artist such as Steve Moore who specializes in celebrity portraits.
  11. Do a price comparison on fuse beads.  Where is the best place to purchase them?  What quantity is the cheapest for how much you get?  What brand is the cheapest?  Is the cheapest brand as a good of quality as pricier brands?
  12.   What other shapes do the peg boards come in other than square?
  13. Make your troop number out of fuse beads