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Issue #48 - September 2015


 kerry faceA Note from the Founder - Earning and Re-Earning Badges

by Kerry Cordy

I get asked a lot of questions regarding how to earn badges at each level and then what is required to re-earn them at a new level.  As a result, I added a page to the website under the Badges tab that explains things a little more clearly.  Here is the basic information:

How to Earn Badges

Each badge has two mandatory requirements for each age level and then a set number of requirements the girl may choose from the optional requirement list to complete her badge.  The number of optional requirements needed is dictated by the age of the girl.  Of the mandatory requirements, the first is always to complete the mandatory requirements of all lower levels.  This is to ensure that a girl builds her knowledge from the ground up and does not miss out on any important information.   While some of the requirements may be overly simplified due to the fact that they were written with younger girls in mind, the knowledge or skill is just as important for the older girls and usually quite simple to complete.

Keep in mind that the same requirement done by both a Penguin (preschooler) and an Eagle (high schooler) should look vastly different in execution.  The knowledge and skill expected out of a Penguin is much less than what is expected out of a Eagle. For example a Penguin mandatory requirement in the Electricity badge states, " Help an adult make an electric potato clock or similar science project involving electricity."  As a Penguin, the adult will end up doing most of the work on a project like this with the Penguin simply helping out.   If earning the badge as an Eagle, this requirement is still mandatory, but the Eagle should either be able to build a simple device like a Potato clock on their own, or a more advanced device with the help of an adult.

In addition to the mandatory requirements, girls have to complete a certain number of optional requirements as well.  These requirements simply add more information or skills about the subject at hand and can be used to help focus the girl on the aspects of the badge subject that interest her the most.  Additional optional requirements may also be written if a girl has an opportunity to learn something about the subject that may not yet be listed.

 Re-Earning a Badge At a New Age Level

If a girl has earned a badge at a younger level and is re-earning it at a higher level, she still has to go back and repeat the lower level mandatory requirements.   If the requirement is knowledge based, to complete it she must either show that she still has the knowledge she learned at a lower level, or re-learn it.  If it is skill based, she should show improvement since demonstrating the same skill at a younger level.

Girls are encouraged to choose new optional requirements when re-earning a badge, but they are welcome to repeat previously completed optional requirements as well.  It is expected that if optional requirements used at a lower level are used again when re-earning a badge at a higher level, that the quality of work or understanding has improved.  For example, if a girl goes on a field trip to a dairy as an Eagle, she should retain lot more information then when she went as an Otter.

The more often a girl re-earns the same badge, the more her knowledge and skills will be retained which is why we have the girls spiral back and redo lower level mandatory requirements.  The idea is to repeat and reinforce the information at each level while adding new information and skills as the girls grow.


New Badges Released

Digital Movie Making, Words, Advanced Aviation, History of Medicine

movie making


advanced aviation

history of medicine










ice cream investiture picInvestiture and Re-dedication Ceremonies

by Kerry Cordy

It is that time of year again when new Frontier Girls are invested into their troop and returning members are rededicated.  Ceremonies vary from year to year and from troop to troop, but should have a few things in common.  All girls should know and recite the Frontier Girls Promise and show some understanding of the creed as well.  This can be done using things like candle lighting ceremonies, ribbon ceremonies, flower ceremonies, etc. or you can get creative and tie it into a badge you are working on.  One of my girls' favorite ceremonies was our ice cream ceremony.  During the ceremony we built a layered ice cream cone based on the Frontier Girls Promise and Creed (and of course we ate lots of ice cream!)

Various oaths may also be said at the ceremony including the following:

As a member of Troop #XXX

I promise to do my best

To live the Frontier Girl Promise and Creed

Both at our meetings

And in my everyday life.

I promise to love God,

Be Loyal to my country

and love my neighbor as myself


Patrol Leaders

As a patrol leader I promise

To lead my patrol to the best of my ability

To keep order in my group at all times

To speak for my patrol and not just for myself

And to do my best

To live up to the troop’s trust.


Leadership Positions (treasurer, scribe, photographer, etc.)

As a leader I promise

To do my job to the best of my ability

To take my responsibilities seriously

And to do my best

to live up to the troop’s trust.




troop 144Fruit of the Spirit Camp

Karen Britton lead Pennsylvania Troop #144 in a week long Fruit of the Spirit Camp with her girls this summer.  They met from 9-2 (or 9-3 on trip days) and covered 1-3 character badges each day.  Activities covered everything from making friendship bracelets and warm fuzzies to playing games to taking a trips to the zoo and a horse farm.  Congratulations to Lauren, Julie, Maya, Riley, Danielle, Aurora, Sara, Zoe H, Zoe R, Shannon, Andrea, Catherine, Ashlee, and Amelia for earning their Fruit of the Spirit Award!!!





bridgeAdvancement Bridge Idea

submitted by Kim Leady

Looking for an idea to bridge your girls from one age level to the next, this is adorable.  Using a simple wooden pallet, paint the parts of our creed on each slat.  Kim then came up with the idea of adding posts in each level color with a ring attached.  They hook a ribbon with their name on the ring of the level they are leaving behind as they walk across the bridge to their new level.











newborns in needHelp an Owl Earn Her Make a Difference Award

submitted by Teri Self - Owl

I'm working on my make a difference award, and would like your help. My project is " Newborns in need".  The "911" babies and newborns in need is an organization mobilized across the United States to offer baby items to those families who need help.
In 2013 they distributed over 450,000 items to families.

The items they need are:
Sleepers gowns undershirts onesies ( preemies and newborns --3 months)
Clothing new and gently used from 3 - 6 months and 9-12 months
bibs ,burp cloth , pacifiers and bottles (BPA free)
Toiletries and wipes (regular size and travel size)
Child size Bibles

If you can help that would be most appreciated.  Collected items can be mailed to:

Teri Self
534 Stonehenge Dr
Woodville tx 75979



Take a Photo, Show You Support

by Kim Ruska Leader Troop #256


I have a request for my fellow troops.  As I am sure many of you have heard, WDBJ-7 in Roanoke lost 2 of their own this week. A cameraman and news reporter were gunned down on live TV. Alison Parker and Adam Ward grew up here and families still live in the Valley. Roanoke VA, and Smith Mountain Lake/ Moneta VA is where the Frontier Girls from troop 256 are from. The shootings happened at a place where we all have been for putt-putt, ice cream, music & dinner. You can go and feed the catfish with popcorn and enjoy a beautiful evening on the lake. I have stood where Adam & Alison lost their lives, and it has affected our community greatly. The Roanoke & Franklin County Areas are in mourning.
There is a movement where organizations are taking photos with signs that say "We stand with WDBJ-7" to show support to the families, tv station and community. Roanoke isn't a huge city. We are all grieving. If my Frontier Girls Family would snap a picture at their next meeting and send it to me, I will send it on to the vigil and show our love.  Our email is:
Thank you all...

troop 256Packing Meals for the Hungry

Troop #256

Troop 256 in VA helped package over 30,000 meals in one hour with "Stop Hunger Now" this afternoon! The day's total over 55,000!!! Power in numbers!


 honor flight 2Letters for Honor Flight - Time Sensitive

 submitted by Summer Horton
Someone in another FB group I'm in posted this, and okayed it being shared. I thought some of you might be interested in sending a little love.
"I would like to ask a favor of you all. In the next few days, before Sept. 10, would you send a card or note addressed to Dad, Jim Farley Sr. , to the address below? He will get these when he goes on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. for WWII veterans in a couple of weeks. He doesn’t know about this - it will be a surprise. Thank you very much, I know he will really appreciate hearing “thank you” from the people closest to him, his family and friends.

Thank you, Linda

Mail Call:

Please take a few minutes to honor our veteran. Write a card or note of thank you to Jim. Be sure to put a name on the individual envelopes if it is for a specific Veteran. Mail letters to:

Honor Flight Mail Call

C/o Mr. Joe Consolo

7650 Bayshore Drive #801-B

Treasure Island, FL 33706

Letters need to be received at least one week prior to Flight Day. For Mail Call questions, please contact Joe Consolo at 727-360-0236."


Local Events and Offers

jackolanternEast Coast

Calling all East Coasters! Troop 210 is planning a trip to visit a Halloween exhibit in Rhode Island from Massachusetts at the Roger Williams Zoo. They are hoping to get the group rates by getting a few other troops or Pioneers to meet up with them and make it a multi troop activity. It is a cool event walking the pumpkin walk at the zoo.

If you are interested, please contact Jodi Barrineau, Troop Leader 210, at

sharksSan Jose, CA

My name is Sara and I am a member of SAP Center at San Jose’s group sales team.  I noticed there are a couple Frontier Girls Troops and Quest Clubs in my area and I  wanted to reach out to them about group discounts for our arena’s family shows, San Jose Sharks hockey games, and fundraising opportunities.  SAP Center holds a number of family friendly arena shows throughout the year, from the upcoming Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus to Disney on Ice to the Harlem Globetrotters.  Group discounts are available starting at 10+ tickets – a fun way to get the troop, family, and friends together!  The group sales website, found here, lists all current shows with discounts and is updated as more shows go on sale. 

Also available are discounts for San Jose Sharks hockey games (groups of 10+) as well as fundraising opportunities.  I can be contacted via email at or by phone at 408-999-5754 with any questions or interest.


snow valleySouthern, CA

My name is Kay Abrams and I am the group coordinator for Snow valley ski resort.   Each year we have hundreds of troops of all kinds come up to enjoy the mountains and learn a new sport. We would like to offer this to the Frontier girls in So California. We have a troop package that includes the full access lift ticket, ski or snowboard rental and a 1 ½ hour group lesson. The mid weeks rates are $49.00 and the weekend holiday rates are $69.00..We would love to have your girls enjoy this also.

 As a new  troop to our mountain we would like to offer the scout leader a free lift ticket to come join us next season to see what Snow valley has to offer. I look forward to working with your girls and hopefully hearing back from you soon. Thank you

 Kay Abrams

Groups Sales

quilt 4Still Need Quilt Squares!

We are trying to put together a Frontier Girls quilt representing Frontier Girls troops and Pioneers around the country.  Currently only 5 squares have been received and we need LOTS MORE!  Please mail a 6" cotton square with a design representing your troop or Pioneer to:

Frontier Girls

1704 Austin Lane

Cottonwood, CA 96022

Make sure to keep a 1/2" border clear around your design to leave room for seams.  Get creative!