A Note From the Founder - Pinterest Boards

I was recently introduced to a new website called Pinterest.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is like a giant online bulletin board of fun projects and activities.  You start your own board and then "pin" links to websites that interest you.  I recently started a Pinterest Account for Frontier Girls projects and plan to have boards for each of the Areas of Discovery as well as boards for topics like Patriotism, Troop Resources, Fundraising, and SWAPS.  On each board will be pictures of projects that you might wish to use in your Frontier Girls journey.  When you click on them, you will be taken to the website that has instructions for the project.  Please remember that these sites are NOT part of Frontier Girls and we cannot guarantee their content, so please surf responsibly.   As our troops and members send me great websites, I will make sure to pin these to my boards as well.  If you have a Pinterest board of your own that relates to Frontier Girls, please let me know so that I can follow it and repin your ideas to the main Frontier Girls boards.  To visit the Frontier Girls Pinterest Boards go to :    You can also reach each of the Frontier Girls Pininterest Boards from the Areas of Discovery or Alphabetical badge list. Have fun!

Kerry Cordy


Girl of the Month - Rebecca Strub

Submitted by her leader, Diana Havir

One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced as a Frontier Girls troop leader is watching shy girls who begin the program develop into much more confident leaders of their peers within a few short years.  Getting to be part of their transformation is truly a blessing.

Perhaps the most remarkable transition I’ve witnessed thus far has taken place in Rebecca Strub.  She was one of the original members of troop #109 when we first started almost 4 years ago, and she started as a dolphin.  While she has always been a joy to know and work with, she was certainly not excited about speaking in front of our troop and needed much encouragement to lead or participate verbally.

The Rebecca I know today is a butterfly.  She proudly wears the dolphin level Gem Award she earned before “graduating” to the next level last year.  Her mother reports that the biggest challenge for Rebecca earning her Gem Award was memorizing the Frontier Girls Creed, but she worked on it every day until she had it done.  She willingly volunteers to lead the troop in the flag ceremony or the Frontier Girls promise at a moment’s notice.  She brings items that are relevant to whatever badge we are working on and confidently explains them to us.  She has served the troop this whole year as snack coordinator, using the phone to contact and coordinate with the rest of the troop.  Even though using the telephone readily can be a great obstacle for shy young girls, she has faced the challenge head on and improved her phone skills greatly in the process.  These are only a handful of reasons why I feel she deserves to be recognized in the newsletter as a Frontier Girl of the Month.

It is exciting to watch all the girls in our troop grow and mature into young women, though I am especially proud of the changes Rebecca has made in such a short time.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this bright young lady.



Izzy's Craft Corner - Homemade Granola Bars

This month Izzy has provided a tasty, healthy recipe for making homemade granola bars to take on your summer hikes and picnics.  Perfect for your outside activities during the summer, these yummy snacks will give your girls the engery they need to keep going through the day.


Troop Newsletters

Troop newsletters are a great way to keep your girls and parents up to date on your troop activities and upcoming events.  Whether your troop newsleter is written by the leader, or a girl with the leadership position of troop reporter, really doesn't matter just as long as it is informative and interesting.  Your newsletter can be printed and handed out at meetings or it can be in an online format either through an email or website.  To see an example of a typical troop website, check out this version from Troop #159 in CO.

Sample Troop Newsletter




New Badges Added for July

Beach Fun,   Home Fire Safety, Leather Working, Locks of Love, Pirates

                                June Contest Winners

Some of our members know the newsletter comes out on the first of the month (or is supposed to at least) and they lie in wait to be the first to read it.  One family found the newsletter before I sent out the email announcing it had been posted.  I felt this gave them a bit of an advantage, though I applaud them for being such enthusiastic Frontier Girls, so I am also counting as winners the girls at each level to found it first AFTER the email went out.

Danica Roden, Penguin - 6/2/12, 1:14am PST

Janae Hill, Penguin - 6/2/12, 5:24am PST

Sarah Lundquist, Otter - 6/1/12, 12:10pm  PST

Christina Monk, Otter  - 6/1/12, 9:19pm PST

Melina Obregón, Dolphin - 6/1/12, 9:58pm PST

Hannah Lundquist, Butterfly -  6/1/12, 12:10pm  PST

Makayla Egge, Butterfly - 6/2/12, 10:32am PST

Megan Lundquist, Eagle -  6/1/12, 11.54am  PST

Christina Obregón, Leader, Troop #139 - 6/1/12, 9:31p, PST


July Contest

Our American Eagle has yet again hidden himself somewhere in our website.  Unlike last month, everyone who find the correct page that the eagle is located on will be put into a drawing to win $5 for their level.  Help us improve our search engine ratings by clicking on as many pages as possible until you find the eagle seen below.  Then email with your name, level, and mailing address along with which page you found the eagle on to be entered in the drawing.