Issue #12 - August, 2012


A Note From the Founder

The Frontier Girls offices will be closed from July 28-August 7.  Any orders placed during this time will ship by August 10.  I apologize for any inconvenience.  I will also not have access to my emails so will respond to any questions when I return.  In  the meantime, please make use of the Yahoogroups and Facebook page if you have questions as many of our veteran leaders will proabably have the answer.  Thanks.




Super Troops

A Super Troop is a troop that shows a level of excellence by fully participating in all elements of Frontier Girls.  While this award is not required, it is something that every troop and Pioneer should strive for if they want to get the most out of the Frontier Girls program.  If you are already participating in the required service projects, completing required badges, having ceremonies, and have a well rounded program, you are probably well on your way to earning this award already.  The Super Troop award can be earned every year and is worn on the back of the vest.  The first year the award is earned, you would order the Super Troop patch and the year bar for the end of that program year.  Each subsequent year the award is earned, a new year bar can be placed below the Super Troop patch.  The requirements for the Super Troop award can be found under the Awards tab on the menu bar.  If you have completed the requirements for the 2012 program year ending Aug. 31, 2012, you may order this patch now with the 2012 year bar.




New Cafe Press Store for T-shirts, Mugs, and More!

Frontier Girls is now on Cafe Press.  For those of you who have been looking for t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and more with the Frontier Girls logo or motto, visit our new store at .  We will continue to add more products with new designs as we have time.  If you are looking for something specific, just send us an email and we’ll create it as soon as possible.  Keep in mind that Cafe Press is a print on demand company and therefore can be a little on the expensive side.  It is highly recommended that you get on their email list to take advantage of their frequent sales and discounts.  These discounts are offered often enough that you should never have to pay full  price unless you need something immediately.  Have fun!











Girl of the Month - Emily Lundquist - Eagle Troop #159

Emily Lundquist is an Eagle in Troop 159.  She is the Leader in Training and does a wonderful job teaching the girls new songs and games, coaching them to be Callers for the flag ceremonies, and helping out wherever needed.  She has a long history of leadership and volunteering - as the assistant teacher in the preschool Sunday School class, helping in junior church and serving on the nursery rotation.   She has helped set up and serve for the Interfaith Hospitality Network, a ministry for homeless families.  Em has shared her love of sports and jewelry making by being an assistant coach for the Buddy Basketball outreach program and teaching a class for the Summer Daze summer camp.

Emily was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago and although dealing with her health issues sometimes slows her down, she never gives up.  Frontier Girls has given her something positive to focus on while she comes to terms with the realities of dealing with a lifelong disease.  Instead of dwelling on the negative, Emily has chosen instead to step up and reach out to others.  Her courage in facing the daily difficulties is an inspiration and her growing leadership abilities are a fine example to those around her.

Emily received the bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award in 2010 for 50 hours of community service and two gold PVSA in 2011 representing 100 hours each.  This spring as a Butterfly, she earned the Frontier Girls Make a Difference Award with five other members of Troop 159 by organizing a Father/Daughter Dance for our host organization and the surrounding community.  Her specific area of responsibility was securing and directing all of the extra amenities – the photographer, dj, manicurist and face painters.  Despite a few setbacks, Em handled it all with grace and self-confidence.

She is a wonderful example to the younger children of the troop, her church and the surrounding community with her patience and creativity.  They all want to be like her and even the 3 & 4 year olds are finding ways to serve others.


New Badges

Fairies, Military Family, Hometown Staycation, Shirley Temple, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines.  My apologies for not finishing the rest of the military badges in time for the Aug. Newsletter.  The remainder will be finished and added for the September newsletter along with severl other badges that have been submitted to me over the summer.














Izzy's Craft Corner

What does a Frontier Girl do with an empty toilet paper roll?  She turns it into a sleeping bag for her Frontier Girl Paper Doll.  Whether you just want to make the paper dolls, or turn your project into a kaper chart, this is a troop project that can be used throughout the year.  Once the board is finished, the troop leader can make labels assigning each girl a task for those ever important meetings, fundraisers, and volunteer work days.  Have fun and be creative.  For complete instructions and templates visit Izzy's Craft Corner on our website.








Fire Stories

Troop #159 was caught it the terrible fires that took place in CO this summer.  A couple of the girls wanted to share their experiences and how Frontier Girls helped them deal with the situation.  I am very proud of each and every one of them.

Megan, Eagle – Troop 159

My Frontier Girls Troop was camping in Cascade, CO, when the Waldo Canyon Fire started.  We were resting between badge sessions, when I saw a cloud rising rapidly.  I knew from recent homeschool studies of the weather that this was not a typical cloud.  We ran up the hill to get a closer look and that’s when we knew it was a wildfire.  We went back to camp and made a plan.  Since we had started our EP badge, we had a good head start.  I’m so glad I’m in Frontier Girls so that I – and my troop – knew how to handle ourselves during the evacuation.

As we unpacked and watched the news, we saw this wildfire growing and wished we could do something.  The next day, they announce don the news that the local food bank needed donations.  Thinking of our motto, we went out and were able to collect 200 lbs. of water and food for those in need.

I want to thank FG for all the great badges so we can learn to do important things, not just fluff.  And for the solid foundation of values it gives.


– Emily, Eagle - Troop 159

My troop was having a family campout when we got the call to evacuate.  To be honest, I was scared but I couldn’t let my fear show; all of my younger siblings were there.  I want to thank Frontier Girls.  I had practiced putting up and taking down tents and other camping gear to earn my Camping badge.  We packed 4 tents, a canopy, a trailer, and 17 people with their personal gear in 20 minutes.  Because of FG and Quest badges, we all knew what to do and were efficient.

After we got home, things got worse - the fire was getting bigger, affecting more people; the smoke was bad, even in town.  It was thick so we kept wet bandanas over our faces.  When Care and Share said they needed donations, my siblings went door to door while I collected food from our pantry.  We gathered 200 pounds of food and bottled water.  We saw a need, and we took the lead, proving to me the truth of our motto.  People can make a difference if only we get up and try.


Hannah, Butterfly - Troop 159

I was evacuated from our first ever Troop camping trip because of a wildfire.  I wanted to help stop wildfires and help the people who lost their homes.  For now, I collected food for the local food bank and made a PSA video about helping out and fire safety.  But what I want to do when I am older is learn to be a Hot Shot/ smokejumper and fight the fires. I love Frontier Girls because it teaches me “If you see a need, take the lead” and I know that I can do something positive to help.  I also like all the badges and learning new things.  It shows me that I can be whatever I want to be. –


– An ABC Story by  Sarah, Otter

A Bear Came Down Early From Great Heights In Jeopardy.  Kindly Leave!  Make Noise, Or Pretend Quickly!  Roar, Stomp, Talk Up Very Wild Excitement!  Yo – Zoo!

Writing this story helped me not be as scared about the fire and what it was doing in the woods.  I like animals and want to be a vet and I was worried.



August Contest:

Our American Eagle has yet again hidden himself somewhere in our website. Everyone who finds the correct page that the eagle is located on will be put into a drawing to win $5 for their level.  Help us improve our search engine ratings by clicking on as many pages as possible until you find the eagle seen below.  Then email with your name, level, and mailing address along with which page you found the eagle on to be entered in the drawing.

Winners from the July Drawing for $5 are:


Penguin:  Danica Roden

Otter:  Christina Monk

Dolphin: - no entries

Butterfly:  Abigail Kopfhamer

Eagle: - no entries

Adult:   Nicole Hanifan - Troop #170