Issue #14 - October 2012


A Note From the Founder - A Quick Update

2012 has been the busiest registration season yet.  I would like to apologize for the confusion in regards to the automatic recurring payments.  What looked like a good idea at the time, in reality has not worked out as planned.  Instead of making things easier on troop leaders, it has made them more confusing.  As a result, we are re-thinking our registration system and will be making changes hopefully by the new year.  Paypal is also giving everyone problems, so we have purchased a new shopping cart program that will streamline ordering and hopefully make things a little easier for everyone as well as offer different payment outlets other than just Paypal.  It will take several months to upload all of our badges and products, but hopefully by the 1st of the year we will be ready to go.  As we can afford it, we will also be adding other new resources to our website.  First on the list is a new forum program.  Other items in the works are downloadable scrapbook and clipart items, a calendar of events and holidays, resource pages for each age level and more.  If you have ideas of what you would like to see on our site, please email them to  All we ask is a little patience, we will work as quickly as our time and money allow.

Kerry Cordy - Frontier Girls Founder


New Badges

Sportsmanship, Popcorn, Food Presentation, Crochet, National Monument (specific)












 Troop #144 Visits Washington D.C.

Karen Britton's Troop #144 from PA made a trip down to Washington D.C. last weekend.  In addition to visiting several national monuments, they also partciipated in a wreath laying ceremony.  Karen shared a wonderful video that she made of her trip that is posted on Youtube.  This video represents so much of what Frontier Girls is all about.  I recommend you all watch it and be as proud of your fellow Frontier Girls as I am.  The video can be found at:






Need Newsletter Items

We need entries for the following newsletter sections:

Tips and Treasures - Send us your great ideas for making Frontier Girls easier and more fun.  These might be organizational tips for meetings, great websites for badges, or anything else you think might benefit other members.

Girl of the Month - We would like to highlight a different girl each month and tell how Frontier Girls is making a difference in her life.  If you have a Frontier Girl that you think would be a good role model for others in the program, please send us her story and attach her picture.

Activities and Adventures - Has your troop done something fun and unusual?  Send us pictures and a write up so that we can show others what you are doing and give them some inspiration to try new things.

Fundraising - Do you have some tried and true fundraisers you could share?

Games - We would love to give instructions for various games, both indoor and outdoor, that you troop enjoys playing and would like to share with others.

Pointers for Patriots - Know of any tips, websites, or discounts for military families?  Let us help you sprea the word to other military families in our program.

Amazing Volunteers - Is your troop leader outstanding?  Do you have a parent helper that really keeps things running smoothly?  Maybe you have a fundraising coordinator that helps your troop raise funds for its activities.  This is the place to give them a little public credit and a thank you for all they do.

If you wold like to send in articles or ideas for any of the categories above, please email them to with the subject line Newsletter.






 Izzy's Craft Corner

Check out the adorable campfire survival kits in Izzy's Craft corner.  In addition to instructions for making this kit, she has also included ideas for other kits such as a swimming survival kit, spa survival kit, and girls only survival kit.


















Make A Difference Award Ideas:  From Troop #146Frontier Girls Make a Difference Award

  • Collect donations & Make "I Care" kits that include toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, combs, etc. for a charity to hand out.
  • Collect donations & Make "Birthday in A Box" boxes for charity that include cake mix, icing, candles, paper plates, cups, etc. that is needed for a child's birthday party.
  • Host a Safety Seminar for younger children. Seminar ideas are: Halloween, bike safety, water safety, stranger safety, community safety, emergency safety
  • Hold a Meeting for the Character Trait of the month at the school to lead them in learning more about that trait, and maybe earn the Frontier Girl badge for it.
  • Host a community wide Father/Daughter Dance or a Mother/Daughter Tea to raise money for a specific charity or to raise awareness of an issue important to you.
  • Create an Adopt-A-Grandparent program
  • Grow a vegetable garden for the needy/food pantry
  • Create a website or a blog teaching about an issue/event/idea that is important to you. An example can be found at that was created by a Dolphin awhile ago.
  • Collect donations & create care packages to deployed platoons.
  • Hold a Clean Up at a local park, around school, Lake Mozingo, the Nature Trail, around Tri-C area, or other community place.
  • Hold an event to create/collect donations to decorate or beautify a classroom, community building, or area around the community. An example may be to hold an event for students to make posters of their favorite books, then help laminate and hang them in the school library.
  • Be an assistant coach for a sports team. You will need to lead at least two practices and hold a major role in at least one game.
  • Host a movie night, game night, or holiday celebration at a local nursing home.
  • Host a Make It night to make stockings for deployed soldiers, catnip toys or fleece blankets for the animal shelter, make holiday decorations for a nursing home or other community place, make tie-dyed shirts for the needy
Remember also, when you are thinking about and planning this award to keep in mind the hours needed to earn the award. Planning, phone calls, gathering supplies, the actual event, clean up, follow up all count in the total time needed. Otters should spend at least 5 hours to complete, Dolphins- at least 10 hours, Butterflies- at least 15 hours for the award. Also, is there a badge that you can earn while completing the award?

Servant's Heart Ideas:

  • helping other girls with their Make A Difference Awards counts on your Heart time.
  • clean off your bookcase and donate books to a library, clean out a closet and donate items to a charity, clean out your toy box and donate the items to charity/hospital
  • make cards for soldiers who are overseas or for patients in hospitals
  • make dinner or dessert for a community member who could use something
  • clean up leaves, wash windows, shovel snow, clean a gutter, weed a garden, clean up trash for a senior citizen, or disabled person
  • help a senior citizen, disable person, or community place decorate for a holiday
  • help cook or serve a meal at a homeless shelter or funeral
  • Ring the bell for the salvation army during Christmas time
  • bake cookies or other treats and take them to the fire or police station
  • create a poster for an Awareness Event such as November is Military Family Month, and there is a Be Kind to Animals Week in May
  • volunteer or participate in another charity or community event. Examples would be if someone hosts something for National Youth Service Day in April (or create one yourself), if another committee or organization holds an event in the community such as Valentine's Cheer Plates at St. Columba Parish, the 5/6 Grade Basketball Tournament
  • Participate in a local event or run for a charity, such as a Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Memorial Day festivities, help with a Vacation Bible School
  • support a cause such as participate in a  Prayer Event, walk in a parade to raise awareness for a cause such as the animal shelter,  Don't Text and Drive
  • helping at Mass such as when your class does mass, be a server, song leader, alcolight, lector, counts every time you do it. This really adds up especially when you serve once a month!
  • help a teacher or grandparent clean up a closet, basement or other area


November Contest:

November Contest – Our American Eagle has yet again hidden himself somewhere in our website. Everyone who finds the correct page that the eagle is located on will be put into a drawing to win $5 for their level.  Help us improve our search engine ratings by clicking on as many pages as possible until you find the eagle seen below.  Then email with your name, level, and mailing address along with which page you found the eagle on to be entered in the drawing.  Very few girls are currently entering this contest, so you odds of winning are quite good!


September Contest Winners:

Penguin:  Julia Nenadic

Otter:  Kara Brown

Dolphin:  Jaylee Boyd

Butterfly:  Kelcie Hopman

Eagle:  Megan Lundquist

Adult:  Valerie Roden