Issue #22 - June, 2013


Note From the Founder - Interesting Updates

I received two interesting emails this month from long time leaders that I thought I would share with our membership.   Both will give you some insight in to the activities of active troops and leaders.

The first was from Elisabeth Simmons, the leader of Troop #122:


"I got curious as I was finishing paperwork from our last meeting about the total number of awards over the three years of our troop.  I thought you would all like to know the results.
2010-2011  11 active girls
75 badges
18 Servant's Hearts representing 130 hours
2011-2012  11 girls
162 badges
13 Servant's Hearts representing 70 hours
2 Make a Difference, Liberty, Fruit of the Spirit, Life Skills, Leadership, Gem Award
2012-2013  20 girls  (This count will continue through summer)
229 badges
41 Servant's Hearts representing 570 hours
Make a Difference, Major in Art
That represents a lot of learning, service, and growth to me.  And, I know not all of our service hours have been turned in and counted.  Congratulations to all of our girls and their families!  Wow, Troop 122!"
The second was from Sylvia Duke, co-leader of Troop #109 since 2008:
"I've just been working through the Records Binder and was filing my servant's hearts forms and found it interesting that in November, March and May for each of the last 3 years, I have completed a servant's heart! So if anyone asks you how many hours a leader puts in each year, my perspective on that is 250 to 300 hours per year.  Some of those hours were from Scouts, but this year they have been very few as I am no longer attending Den Meetings as Frontier Girls is at the same time."
Great job everyone!

New Badges

Women in History, Cats, ElasticWorld Flags, Respect

women in historyrespectcats elasticworld flags












Charlotte Duke Earns Diamond Gem Award

Submitted by Sarah Strub

Photo:  Eagle Charlotte Duke pictured with Troop Leader Sarah Strub

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACharlotte Duke, an Eagle member of Frontier Girls Troop 109 in Big Sandy, Texas,  has just earned her Diamond Gem award.  Gem Awards are the highest award a girl can earn at each level.   Each Gem Award acknowledges girls for going above and beyond just attending meetings and earning badges, and rewards them for their efforts in taking  to heart the most important aspects of our program.  To earn these awards you must do the following:

At our monthly awards meeting on April 29, 2013, Charlotte was recognized for two of the final milestones on her “Gem Award journey.”

One of these milestones was the Make a Difference Award.  To qualify, she coordinated a service project that took 45 hours!  Her service project was to work with the national troop members, parents, and administration to write merit badges for Frontier Girls.  Charlotte has written a total of 24 badges so far, is currently working on 12 more, and has a list of others that have been requested!

Charlotte also memorized our Motto, Creed, and Promise; earned the Take The Lead badge; earned 3 other character badges; and has served as troop Scribe, Treasurer, troop Reporter and Leader-In-Training.  Charlotte has been a big help in our troop.

The other milestone that Charlotte achieved was her Liberty Award.  To help develop good American citizens, Frontier Girls encourages members to learn all about their country.  The Liberty Award includes merit badges U.S. Constitution, Elections, Patriotism & Our Flag, Government, and American History.

As of May 31, 2013 Charlotte finished the remaining requirements for her Diamond Gem Award and is the first Frontier Girl at the Eagle level to earn this award.  Congratulations!


Girl of the Month - Apology

I owe someone an apology.  A leader sent in a wonderful article to honor one their girls and somehow I lost the email.  I thought I put it in my newsletter file, but somehow it must have gotten deleted as it is no longer there.    Now I can't remember who the person was that sent it to me.  If you sent me an email for a Girl of the Month entry, PLEASE resend it!  I will make sure to put her in the July newsletter.


Tips and Treasures:

Barnes & Noble Bookstores offer a free reading program for the summer. Go to  a local store and ask for the reading log.  Each kid fills in the log with info on eight books they've read, and then return it to the store for a free book from a selection of 30 different titles ranging from "Nancy Clancy: Super Sleuth" to "The Emerald Atlas."  They have some great books on this year's list, and the program runs all summer.   - submitted by Suzanne Vicoryosmanson.


betjhLife Lessons from Elizabeth

Hi, everybody, it's me, Elizabeth, again.  School's almost out for summer, and its time to get started on our Amazing Summer Adventure.  Every year, my family and I plan a list of at least ten things that I am going to do during the summer to make a great summer break. Usually we make this list in April and May, but we are late to it this year.  My mom insists that I put "challenging" things on the list as well as fun stuff. This usually means that I have to do things I really don't want to do.  But most of the list is fun stuff. And, you know what? Usually I have so much fun doing everything on my list, even the challenging stuff!  I almost always complete everything on the list, too.  Last year, my list included earning at least five new badges (I did 30), learning to surf, visiting my family, and reading 15 books.  I had lots of other stuff on there, too, but that gives you an idea of  what the Adventure is all about.  I will be working on this Summer's Adventure this week.  Why don't you join me? Sit down with a piece of paper, a pen, your family, and your imagination, and create your own Amazing Summer Adventure.  It can be very specific, like "finish reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid"  and "watch 'Monster University' movie" or more vague, like read five books and go to a movie. You can learn  a new skill, visit family, paint a mural on the garage, or skydive. I like to have a variety of activities in my Adventure, and some of them are really cheap or free, some might cost more.  But your Adventure should be all about you becoming a better person while having a ton of fun! What do you say? Want to join me in an Amazing Summer Adventure?  Number one, get Frontier Girls to try something new. Number two...





parasol 001 parasol 020Patriotic Parasol

By Elizabeth Vicoryosmanson

If you have a boring red parasol, you can jazz it up for the summer's patriotic holidays with a just simple paint pen or two.  I took a plain red sunshade and used  blue and silver paint pens to add stars to it.  Here's a few tips: Cover your work surface! Sometimes, these paint pens dribble all over. My bed has silver streaks all over the sheet because mom let me do this on my bed.  Not her smartest move, but now you know how to jazz up your plain sheets, too!  Test the paint pen on a rag or lifeless towel first, then carefully on your parasol in an inconspicuous area.  See the drippy streaks and blobs all over the parasol tie? That's what happened when mom tried to paint stars on the tie first.  You have to expect some ooze, so be prepared for it.  Mom wasn't.  She laughed at the mess, though and said she should have remembered that the pens do that! Most of all, have fun and be sure to make good use of this patriotic parasol to keep you from getting sunburned while watching this summer's  patriotic parades.


videoVideo Contest Winners

Thank you to Troop #144, Troop #146, and Troop #210 for entering our video contest.

1st Place $100 winner! - Troop #210

We felt that of all the videos submitted, Troop #210 did the best job of creating a video that really showed what Frontier Girls is all about.  View the video here:

Troop #210 -

(Disclaimer - The scene where the girls are folding the flag is incorrect.  For proper flag folding instructions visit:  Thank you.)


2nd Place winners - Troop #144 and #146

Since no individual entries were received an the remaining two troops did such a great job with their videos as well, we decided to award $50 each to Troop #144 and #146.  Check out their wonderful presentations.

Troop #146 -

Troop #144 -  and


Winners from May Find the Eagle Contest:

Penguin:  Kourtney Green

Otter:  Victoria Hansen

Dolphin - no entry

Butterfly - no entry

Eagle - no entry

Adult - Valerie Rothan


contestSummer Fun Photo Contest!

1st place - $50

2nd place - $25

3rd place - $10




(a.)  Take a photo of you or your troop in either Frontier Girls uniforms or t-shirts doing something fun this summer.  You MUST be recognizable as Frontier Girls.  Email it to along with your name, troop #  and your complete mailing address.  Entries must be received no later than August 31, 2013.   You may enter as many times as you wish.

(b.)  Submissions must not incorporate or include anything that violates any law or the copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party.

(c.)  All participates do release to Frontier Girls any right, title and/or interest of any kind they may have in photo submitted.  These photos may be used for promotional or publicity purposes and may be published in mass media publications, in Frontier Girls newsletters and other Frontier Girls publications, on Frontier Girls’ internet site, or shown on television or movie presentations. The member and family’s last name may or may not be used.


SELECTION OF WINNING ENTRIES: Judging of the submitted entries will take place between Sept. 1 and Sept. 15, 2013.   Entries will be judged on the following criteria: (a.)  How well the photo conveys what Frontier Girls is about.

(b.)  Creativity

(c.)  Quality of the photo.

Links to all submitted photos will be posted on the Frontier Girls website.

ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to all registered members of Frontier Girls and their immediate family.  The following individuals are not eligible, members of Kerry Cordy’s immediate family and members of Frontier Girls Troop #101. (If girls from Troop #101 wish to enter, contact Kerry for an alternate contest)