Issue #23 - July, 2013

A Note From the Founder - Upcoming Trip to Washington D.C.

I will be heading out to our nation's capital at the end of this month and am hoping to meet up with as many Frontier Girls as possible while I am there.  So far I plan to visit Maryland Troop #172 up in Baltimore as well as meet up with Pennsylvania Troop #213 in Washington D.C.  If there are any other troops or individuals willing to make the drive to D.C. we will be meeting for lunch on August 1, details to be arranged.  I know summer is a busy time, but if anyone else would like to meet up, please email me at

Hope to see you there!

Kerry Cordy



New Badges

American Documents, Planets, State Flags, World Currencies, Soups

world currencies state flags planets american documents soups badge










Life Skills Achievement Award Clinic

By Katie Lundquist - Leader Troop #159
Troop 159 held a Life Skills Achievement Award Clinic over spring break.  I had been wanting to find a fun way to work on this award and thought a mini-camp would be easier to organize than individual meetings.  I designated a level per day and we met from 9am-noon.  The charge was $5 per day attended and the girls registered for whichever days they needed to work on.  Older girls could attend lower-level days for free in order to help out and log service hours.As leader, I spent some time making a list of the requirements at each level that would be easy and fun to work on as a group.  We ended up with 15-20 skills for each level.  Next, I made a list of supplies and borrowed those that I could, using the camp registration funds to purchase those items that remained.  Luckily for me, every level has some kind of food or cooking related item, so that took care of snacks.

I then broke the activities down into group skills, individual skills and those that would be done for snack time.  Each day started with group activities, followed by individual skills.  Snack time was the halfway point with more individual skills following, ending with the final group activities.  Each individual skill was set up on a separate table, although sometimes we grouped like activities together to create one "station".  I labeled the stations with the number(s) of the activity so the volunteers could check it off the girls' list as they accomplished the task.  If the girl could complete the skill with ease, it was checked off but if they needed help we marked it "NW" for "Needs Work".

We had a fabulous time!  The girls learned new skills, honed some old ones, had a lot of fun and got many of the activities marked off on their LSAA lists.  I also learned a couple of things to improve upon next time.  Although I had printed out a checklist for each girl at each level, they took those home and I didn't log them.  I wish I had so I could plan some badge activities to finish up skills that need work.  Also, we let a couple of the Otters that are crossing over this year come to Dolphin Day to get started on those skills.  A few months must make a big difference because those girls were easily frustrated by the skills presented.  We won't do that again next time - at least at the younger levels.

We plan on holding the LSAA Clinic every three years to give the girls a chance to earn it at each level.  I'd be happy to share the plans in detail if anyone is interested in hosting a clinic of their own.




elizabeth picLife Lessons from Elizabeth

Hi, everybody! It's me, Elizabeth!  Wow, summer is in full swing!  I've had a busy schedule already...some family members visited from out of state, and we went to the waterpark, the aquarium, the science center and SuperHeroes Day at Barnes & Noble!  It's been really hot here in Arizona, so I wanted to share some Beat the Heat tips with you:
1. Drink lots of water. Then drink some more water. And then more.
2. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes and face from the intense sun.
3.  Use sunscreen, even on cloudy days, and use a high SPF!
4. Carry a parasol (like the one from last month's newsletter craft) to help shade you.
5. Stay away from sugary drinks and sodas...they only make you sicker in the heat.
Have lots of fun on your Independence Day weekend activities, and I'll see you in August!
Here are some great cheap activities for the girls this summer!
1.  Free bowling everyday if you register!
3.  Go explore a National Park for free on August 25! Don't forget to earn your Junior Ranger badge!
4.  Read! Besides the public libraries, many businesses sponsor summer reading programs.  Do a search for free reading programs, and you'll find many near you.  Arizona Diamondbacks rewards readers with tickets to ballgames, Barnes & Noble gives a free book, Showcase Cinemas give free movie passes!
5. Arrange for a field trip.  You can get field trips to almost anywhere if you ask nicely.  We've toured fire and sheriff's departments, the post office, grocery store, a private aviation company,  Chase Field (Home of Arizona Diamondbacks), a recycling site, and more.

Crafts With Beth (Filling in until Izzy returns)

With hot temperatures outside, it's time for cooler clothes, and that means t-shirts!  This project can be used for the T-Shirt Badge!  My mom and I found a pile of 3XL turtlenecks on clearance at Wal-Mart for a dollar a piece, so I bought four to use for crafting. I wanted to turn one into an autograph shirt for school, so here's how my mom and I converted it... First, we cut off the high  neck and the long sleeves.  Then mom helped me mark an outline of my torso on the shirt so I'd know where to cut it.  We cut into the sides in rows all down each side, then cut each slit all along the seam, leaving a row of fringe down the side.  I took each pair of fringe, tied them together snug at the base of the cut, and voila,  my shirt was complete!

tshirts 003 006 020












Summer Fun Photo Contest!

1st place – $50

2nd place – $25

3rd place – $10




(a.)  Take a photo of you or your troop in either Frontier Girls uniforms or t-shirts doing something fun this summer.  You MUST be recognizable as Frontier Girls.  Email it to along with your name, troop #  and your complete mailing address.  Entries must be received no later than August 31, 2013.   You may enter as many times as you wish.

(b.)  Submissions must not incorporate or include anything that violates any law or the copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party.

(c.)  All participates do release to Frontier Girls any right, title and/or interest of any kind they may have in photo submitted.  These photos may be used for promotional or publicity purposes and may be published in mass media publications, in Frontier Girls newsletters and other Frontier Girls publications, on Frontier Girls’ internet site, or shown on television or movie presentations. The member and family’s last name may or may not be used.


SELECTION OF WINNING ENTRIES: Judging of the submitted entries will take place between Sept. 1 and Sept. 15, 2013.   Entries will be judged on the following criteria: (a.)  How well the photo conveys what Frontier Girls is about.

(b.)  Creativity

(c.)  Quality of the photo.

Links to all submitted photos will be posted on the Frontier Girls website.

ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to all registered members of Frontier Girls and their immediate family.  The following individuals are not eligible, members of Kerry Cordy’s immediate family and members of Frontier Girls Troop #101. (If girls from Troop #101 wish to enter, contact Kerry for an alternate contest)