Issue #25 - September, 2013

A Note From the Founder - Visit to D.C.

Kerry Cordy

Last month I was honored to meet with several Frontier Girls back east.  While in Maryland for a family reunion, Troop #172 hosted my daughters and I at one of their meetings.  The girls, all Otters and Penguins, were adorable and so much fun that my own troop just added 4 new Otters to our ranks and the older girls are very excited to have them on board.  Thanks Leanne for such a wonderful afternoon.

At the end of the week Lori and Cori, the leaders of Troop #213 in Pennsylvania, drove all the way down to Washington D.C. with two of their girls, Molly and Sarah, to spend the day with me and my family .  After touring the Spy Museum we all went out to Pizza for lunch and then walked to the White House and all the way down to the Library of Congress.  My cousins, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews never let us stop moving and the girls were troopers since we had to have walked miles that afternoon and neither one ever complained (even when we got rained on!).

0801131453cDSC_0118The picture to the left is Molly and Sarah up front, my daughter Katie, myself and my daughter Kristine in the middle and Cori and Lori, leaders of Troop #213 in the back.

The picture to the right is my daughter Katie and I in the back with several of the girls and leaders of Troop #172.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful time!  I can't wait to visit more troops around the country.








New Items in the Store

Check out the new items we are offering in the Frontier Girls store this year:

wall  banner bookmark bumper stickerBookmarks - $.75 each with the Frontier Girls promise and motto printed on them.  These are great inexpensive gifts for your girls or volunteers.

Bumper Stickers - $2.99 - Show your Frontier Girls pride with bumper sticker for your car, binder, etc.

Wall Banners - $9.99  - Measuring 8" x 23", these wall banners are a great gift to girls advancing to the next level so that they have somewhere to display the badges they have earned once they are removed from their vest.  These banners are very limited in stock, so order quickly as backorders may occur.




 New Badges Just Released

Botany, S'mores, French and Indian War, Land Surveying

french indian war botnay smores land survey










Baltimore Ravens Honor Troop #172

submitted by Leanne Scholle - Leader Troop #172

FG troop 172 in Baltimore, MD  was nominated for their community service and contributions to their servicing area.  This nomination is called "Honors Row".  The organization looking for these champions in community service and outreach is none other than the Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens. Frontier Girls Troop 172 was nominated and we are so honored to be considered for the "Honors Row".

Yesterday the Marketing Director of the Baltimore Ravens, Heather Darney called and notified me that Frontier Girls 172 won the "Honors Row" award!!  We will be attending the Baltimore Ravens home game on November 10th.  We will meet players and attend pregame celebration on the field. We also will be honored during the third quarter of the game on national television.  This is such an honor and our Troop is overwhelmed with excitement and humility as we were chosen from hundreds of applicants.

Game is Sunday November 10th @ 1pm against the Cincinnati Bengals

Watch us and support Frontier Girls


 Nail Art Ideas

by Beth Vicoryosmanson

For those of you working on your Nail Art badge, Beth submitted some ideas for Minion and Wonder Woman nails.

SANY0527 WondWomnails














Million Misfit Socks March  - Oct. 26

by Beth Vicoryosman

Don't forget to participate in the Million Misfit Socks March against bullying on Friday, Oct. 25.   46% of autistic children in middle and high school told their parents they were victimized at school within the previous year, compared with just over 10% of children in the general population.  Kids get bullied for many reasons however:

Bullies will BULLY YOU...

1. because you are a slow learnermmsm
2. because you are too smart
3. because you have a mental illness
4. because you have a physical illness...
5. because of your choice of lifestyle
6. because you are too tall
7. because you are too small
8. because you are too attractive
9. because you are unattractive
10. because you are too fat
11. because you are too thin
12. because you are too plain
13. because you are from money
14. because you don't have enough money
15. because of who your parents are
16. because you don't have parents
17. because of what you wear
18. because of your hair
19. because you wear glasses
20. because you have braces

Etc., etc., etc......

Here's a game to play:
How many misfits can you name and why are/were they a misfit?
example: Harriet Quimby, the first American woman to get her pilot's license...She embraced her different-ness by wearing a purple flight suit!


Rallyhood Website Updates and New Iphone App

If your troop has not yet started their Rallyhood website, make sure the leader visits and sets up a site for your troop.  These are completely private sites visible only to your members where you can set up a troop calendar, sign up lists, share photos, have a message board, upload files and more.

Now using your Rally site is even easier.   Rallyhood's shiny new iPhone App is here!

Rallyhood has completely updated the look and feel of there iPhone app to make accessing information from your Troop Rally-Sites and in-the-moment updates even easier. Now you can view Rally Calendars, create sign up for items and upload multiple photos as once!
The new look include swipe-to-reveal main navigation and an updated Rally view:
In addition to your consolidated My Calendar, you can also see each Rally's calendar. Plus you can add events to any calendar right from your iPhone.
To help you be even more productive, Signups are now accessible from your iPhone, and you can upload multiple photos at once to your rally galleries.
It's free to download or upgrade through the App Store. Get it today to stay connected to your groups on-the-go!















contestSummer Photo Contest Winners!

1st Place Winner - Troop #213 Backyard Campout

213 backyard

2nd Place Winner (tie) - Elizabeth (Pioneer) - Archery Shoot and Troop #210 Memorial Day Parade

beth archery

jodi 210 memorial day

3rd Place Winner - Piper - Troop #210 - Jump rope during field day relay race

piper 210

To view all photos submitted go to Summer Fun Photo Contest 2013