Issue #27 - November 2013


New Terms and Conditions

As of October 1, Frontier Girls shifted from a sole proprietorship to an LLC.  As a result, we had to have new Terms and Conditions of Website, Service and Content Use and Limited License Agreement drawn up.  These were emailed to all current members, but in case you missed it, please click on the link below and read through them carefully.    If for any reason you cannot agree to the new terms, please discontinue use of the website and program materials immediately.  Questions can be directed to

Terms and Conditions of Website, Service and Content Use

and Limited License Agreement








pin locksearringsBadge and Pin Locks

After several complaints of badges and awards falling off vests, we have finally found a solution.  All badges will now come with badge locks free of charge, small rubber plugs that are attached after the badge is placed on the vest, but before they are latched.  This way, badges can still be removed for washing if necessary.  If you need badge locks for your existing badges, just email




Pin locks for our lapel pins are now available through our store in packs of 12 (allen wrench included) for $5.99.  These locks replace the traditional butterfly back of most lapel pins





New Badges

Duct Tape, Vietnam War, Fitness Games

vietnam war duct tape fitness game forts fitness game balloon burst fitness game backyard trash







SANY0744Million Misfit Sock March Update

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Million Misfit Sock March against bullying.  I know several Frontier Girls troops around the country participated and we would love to see pictures of your mismatched socks on our Facebook page.

Here is a quick recap from Elizabeth, our official MMSM ambassador:

"We are wrapping up the Million Misfit Sock March for this year!  I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do, and some people weren't very supportive, but other people that I didn't expect really stepped up and helped the cause!  It was really neat to see all the people working in the Yavapai County offices and Board of Supervisors wearing mismatched socks to support the MMSM!  At my school, my principal had  a rough year and she forgot to give my mom approval on things in advance, so some of the plans fell through. But she felt bad and has already approved them for next year!  We did have MMSM Day at school on Thursday, Oct. 24, and almost everybody wore their mismatched socks.  We all made personalized socks or sock cutouts to hang in the school auditorium."




Motto, Promise Creed Book

by Kelley Klor

Kelley Klor, one of our Patriot members, designed a wonderful printable book that gives Penguins and Otters an opportunity to work through learning the promise, creed and motto, as well as the opportunity to work toward the badges represented in our Creed.(and could also earn the Fruit of the Spirit award at their level, and it could be a cute keepsake.)


Here is the link to the book:



Frontier Girls fruit of the spirit otterPlanning Awards as a Troop

by Katie Lundquist - Troop #159


Leaders -Just wanted to share our plan for our troop to do the FG Awards in case anyone else could benefit from it.
YEAR 1 - Make a Difference project & Leadership Award since the MaD is a part of that.  Coincides with the year we do the required Etiquette badge since our
project of choice is a big Father/Daughter Dance or Mother/Daughter Tea for our hosting location & neighborhood

YEAR 2 - Life Skills Achievement Award mini-camp. Coincides with the year we do the required Emergency Preparedness badge as both contain First Aid
elements and emergency info.

YEAR 3 - Liberty Award. Coincides with the year we do the required Patriotism badge as it's part of the Award.

We also plan three of the Fruit of the Spirit Award badges each year so they will earn the award at the end of 3 years. We have plenty of service opportunities so the girls can earn at least 1 Servant' s Heart each year.

All of this means that with a little extra work at home on badges, we are giving the girls the chance to earn all of the FG Awards (the badges at home are for the WOW and Gem Awards).


kindness2Great Site for the Kindness Badge!

Check out a blog by  Katherine Marie Photography.  She did a wonderful article with 52 ideas for showing kindness.  Visit the page at:

Keep in mind that this link will take you away from the Frontier Girls website and we cannot guarantee its content.  In addition to her 52 ideas (one for each week of the year), she also has weekly challenges for each month.