Issue #28 - December. 2013


owlNote from the Founder -New Age Level for Adults Available Soon

After many requests, I have finally decided to add an adult level to Frontier Girls.  Apparently leading and volunteering are just not enough, women want to earn badges too!   I am still working out the details, but the new Owl Level should be ready to roll out on January 1, so keep an eye out in the next newsletter for details.  I would also like to thank all the parents and leaders who sent in ideas for this level and convinced me to add it.

Kerry Cordy


New Badge!

Thankfulness Badge









botnayJanuary Badge Sale!

All badges will be 10% off for the month of January so start putting together your orders and get ready.  We will be closed for inventory from Jan.1-8, so all orders placed the first week of January will ship out on January 8.





canine connectionUpcoming Partnership with Warrior Canine Connection.

Frontier Girls is getting ready to partner with Warrior Canine Connection for 2014.  This wonderful organization not only provides service dogs to our wounded warriors, but helps those with PSTD by using them to help train the dogs as well.

Training a service dog for a fellow Veteran provides a valuable opportunity for a Warrior suffering from psychological injuries to reintegrate into civilian life. As part of his or her training, Warriors have the responsibility to teach the dogs that the world is a safe place. Through that process, they must convince themselves of the same.

Warrior trainers are taught to praise and provide treats to their dogs when they experience a startling event, such as hearing a car backfire. Rather than turning inward to focus on their past trauma, the trainers must get outside of their own heads to focus on the dogs and their mission to help another Veteran. Additionally, dogs offer opportunities for Warrior trainers – who often isolate themselves from society – to experience positive interactions with members of the community. Their training requires emotionally numb Warriors to demonstrative positive emotion in order to successfully teach their dogs.

Warriors participating in the program have reported that using these positive emotions to praise their dogs has significantly improved their family dynamics, as their children are able to experience and respond to this positive parenting strategy.

Look for future news on how you can help this wonderful organization through your Frontier Girls troop.  For troops near Brookville, MD, you can even volunteer to be Puppy Petters when new litters of puppies are born as all puppies need to be socialized as much as possible.

Read more about this fantastic organization on their website




Girls of the Month- Megan Lundquist, Eagle, and Hannah Lundquist, Butterfly,  in Troop #159

Congratulations to Megan and Hannah  Lundquist who both just earned their WOW! awards.  The WOW! award requires girls to earn 100+ badges at a single level.  Hannah earned hers for the Butterfly level and Megan earned hers for the Eagle level.  This is quite impressive as by these higher levels, the badges are quite difficult to earn.   Megan is the first to actually earn this award at the Eagle level.  Great job girls!


1204130626Hand Print Christmas Ornament Craft Project

You will need:

Glass or plastic Christmas ball style ornaments

Acrylic paint

Paint brushe

Glass of water


1.  Paint palm of the girl's hand and and all fingers white.  Carefully place the ball in her hand and have her grip it and release slowly, leaving a hand print around it.  (If the print is not complete in spots, use white paint to fill in any gaps).

2.  Turn each of the 4 fingers into a snowman using a variety of paint colors.  Use your imagination for different style hats, scarves, etc.

3.  Since the thumb print ends up at an angle, we carefully printed the girl's name and 2013 on it.

- If you have some artists in your troop, they may enjoy simply painting their own Christmas ornament as well such as this one done by Katie Cordy of Troop #101 in Redding, CA.