Issue #30 - February 2014


fg girlNote From the Founder - Clip Art Coming Soon!

by Kerry Cordy

I recently discovered a very talented 16 year old artist named Malia and hired her to design some clip art for Frontier Girls.  You can see one of her preliminary sketches to the left.  By next year I should have about 25 different images in full color available to our members to download for flyers, scrapbooks, thank you cards, etc.  The clipart will be free of charge for all registered members to use.

Just a few of the drawings on their way include:

1.  Roasting marshmallows around a campfire
2.  Singing
3.  Doing some sort of paper craft with scissors and glue
4.  Holding an American flag
5.  Holding a Frontier Girls banner with girls on either side and behind like they are getting ready to march in a parade.
6.  Girl twirling a tall flag
7.  Hiking
8.  Cooking
9.  Planting a tree or flower
10.  Kayaking
11.  Making cards for our soldiers
12.  Reading
13.  Looking at a globe
14.  Doing first aid
15.  Holding a food or toy drive (maybe a girl next a box for collection)
16.  Riding a horse
17.  Dressed as a fairy
18.  Two girls with their arms around each others shoulders like best friends
19.  Sweeping
20.  Doing a chemistry experiment
21.  Looking through a telescope
22.  Reading a map and holding a compass
23.  Saying the Frontier Girl promise (right hand up with 3 fingers up)
24.  In front of a tent
25 Holding a blank sign (so that leaders can add text if they wish)


If you have specific requests, I'll add them to my idea pile.  I am hoping to add a few new clip arts each year and gradually build up our collection.


love a soldierLove a Soldier Project

Abby Olson, an Eagle in Troop #101, came up with the idea for project Love a Soldier for her Make a Difference project.  She got the entire community involved in creating hand made Valentines to send to our soldiers overseas.  For three weeks, Abby held Valentine making parties with everyone from kindergarden classes to senior citizen home, and from scout groups to church groups.  Abby also placed drop boxes all over town and started a Facebook page to update people on the project.  At the end of January she shipped more than 1200 hand made Valentines to our soldiers stationed overseas to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day.


gem diamondDiamond Award and Eagle WOW!

Abby Olson, Eagle in Troop #101, has completed both her Diamond Award as well as the Eagle level WOW! Award.  These are the two most difficult awards to earn in our program.  To earn the WOW! award you must complete 100+ badges at your current age level.

The Diamond Award is the highest award a girl can earn in the Frontier Girls program.   The Diamond Award acknowledges girls for going above and beyond just attending meetings and earning badges, and rewards them for their efforts in taking  to heart the most important aspects of our program.  To earn this award you must do the following:

Congratulations Abby!!




dogLeader Appreciation Day - February 20th

Show your Frontier Girls leaders just how much you appreciate them.  We have fabulous Frontier Girls leaders that spend countless hours (and much of their own money) to put together wonderful programs for your girls.  Now is the time to show your thanks.

Ideas to celebrate the day include:

  • Hold a special ceremony at one of your meetings just to honor your leaders and volunteers.
  • Make thank you gifts or cards
  • Make a thank you banner and hang it at your meeting place.

The date of February 20 was chosen for this day as it is the birthday of Sandy Yearwood, the inspiration for Frontier Girls.  She is the mother of Kerry Cordy and was also Kerry’s Girl Scout leader in the 1970′s and 1980′s.  It was because of the wonderful experience Kerry had in scouting as a girl that she decided to start Frontier Girls for her own daughters.  Sandy continues to be a part of scouting, and now works with Kerry at the Frontier Girls main office.


march 4thMarch 4th (Forth!) Day-annual SWAPs day

March 4th each year is a day of action when Frontier Girls “March Forth” across the nation to spread the word about our program and learn about other Frontier Girls around the country.  Girls participate in activities and projects with national themes to honor their sister Frontier Girls in other regions and states. March 4th (Forth!) not only gives girls a chance to celebrate inter-state or county friendships, but is also a reminder that they are part of a nationwide community.

The date March 4th  was chosen as it is also the date that the first American Congress convened, marking the beginning of America as we know it today as they prepared to “march forth” as a nation.

SWAPS  are small craft  items that can be pinned for display somewhere on a jacket, a backpack, a sash, or a scarf and is a perfect way for girl’s to meet each other and promote friendship. Each SWAP item is a memory of a special event or of a Sister in Frontier Girls and stands for “Souvenir With A Purpose”, ” Some Whatchamacallit Pinned Somewhere”, “Switch With A Pal”, or any other acronym you can come up with.  Each swap should have a safety pin on the item to attach to your display.

Ideas for celebrating the day:

  • March Forth! And take action by participating in a community service project on March 4th that demonstrates a character trait that Frontier Girls promotes.
  • Make flyers or posters to advertise your troop and try to recruit new members to Frontier Girls.
  • Team up with an out of state troop and SWAP with them, sending a penpal letter telling them about your troop and region as well as trading SWAPs.
  • Earn the March 4th badge
  • Earn the SWAPs badge
  • Make a presentation to your school or church about Frontier Girls.
  • Tell a friend about Frontier Girls

If you would like to participate in our March 4th SWAP and have not yet signed up, please email Kerry at ASAP with the following information:

  • Troop #:
  • Leader Name:
  • # of girls/leaders participating:
  • Age levels:
  • Mailing Address:


New Badges

Fairy Tales, Amateur Radio, Babies, Headphones, Princess

amateur radio fairy tale princess babies headphones








book clubBooks for Badges

by Suzanne Vicoryosmanson

Books for Badges!Honor the Flag, by Ruth Shaw RadlauerCompatible with "Our Flag" badge and helpful in other patriotic themed badgesPenguin through Dolphin level information, Otter and higher reading levelI found this great little book at our local thrift store and it is just perfect for earning the "Our Flag" badge. The author, a former Girl Scout, wrote the book to help teach the proper care and handling of our nation's flag.  It covers simple flag code and proper etiquette and display of the Stars and Stripes, as well as a historical background and symbolic meanings of the flag, our national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. It even gives simple but clear instructions for properly folding the flag.