Issue #34 - June 2014


0520141410aNote From the Founder - Visit to Colorado and Texas Troops

I had the honor of meeting several Frontier Girls troops in the last few weeks as I traveled to make some very special presentations.  My first stop was Troop #159 in Colorado Springs, CO where I got to go hiking with the in the Garden of the Gods.  I also presented Megan Lundquist with her Diamond and Eagle level WOW! Awards a well as a $500 continuing education scholarship.  Next I went to Hawkins, TX to present Charlotte Duke with her Diamond and Eagle level WOW! Awards and our second $500 continuing education scholarship.  This was followed by a day at the park with Frontier Girls Troop #122 from Garland, TX  and their Quest Club (pictured to the left) and finally an award ceremony for Kayla-Anne Rodenberg of Troop #262 in Plano, TX  to present her with her Diamond and Eagle level WOW! awards.  A quick plane ride home for my own troop's award ceremony where I presented Abby Olson with her Diamond and Eagle level WOW! awards and a $1,000 continuing education scholarship.

I have never had the opportunity to meet so many of our members and it was a wonderful trip.  Thank you so much to Katie Lundquist (troop #159), Elizabeth Simmons (Troop #122), and Sylvia Duke (troop #109) for putting me up in your homes.  Spending time getting to know you and your families made the trip extra special.

I am especially proud of the four graduating seniors I got to meet who have all earned the highest awards available in Frontier Girls.  These girls are amazing and will go on to do wonderful things with their future.



20149580.thbNew Continuing Education Scholarships

I am very proud to announce that 2014 marked the first year that Frontier Girls has offered continuing education scholarships to some of our graduating seniors.  Three girls in particular stood out for both the amount of effort they have put into the program as well as the contributions they have made to the program itself.  We will be offering these three scholarships on an annual basis and have named them in honor of the first recipients.  Pages with more information about each girl as well as details for applying for the scholarships will be up on the website by the end of the month.



kerry abbyAbby Olson Award - $1,000 Continuing Education Scholarship

Abby Olson (Troop #101 in Redding, CA )  holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn both the Diamond Gem Award and the WOW! Award and also managed to earn all nine Major Awards before graduating.  Abby is one of the founding members of the very first Frontier Girls troop, Troop #101, and has played an active role in the development of the program over the years.  In 2010, Abby came to work at Frontier Girls headquarters as our shipping and production manager.  Two years ago she advanced to the office and has been our office manager, taking care of bookkeeping, website management and staff training.  Abby has been a huge part of the growth of Frontier Girls and she will be sorely missed as she heads off to college in the fall.  Frontier Girls will be awarding the Abby Olson Award on an annual basis to the girl who we feel best follows in Abby's footsteps.







2014-05-19 18.27.08 (371x640)Charlotte Duke Award - $500 Continuing Education Scholarship

Charlotte Duke (Troop #109 in Hawkins, TX)  holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn the Diamond Gem Award as well as all 9 Major Awards.  Before graduating, she also earned her Eagle level WOW! Award.  In addition to earning more than 100 badges at the Eagle level, Charlotte has also written several dozen badges over the years for the program as a whole.  She has also spent a lot of time finding resource sites for many of our badges to share with other members.  Charlotte has been an integral part of the Frontier Girls program for the last 5 years and corresponds frequently with Frontier Girls headquarters to make contributions and suggestions to the program.  She is an amazingly diligent and creative young lady.    Frontier Girls will be awarding the Charlotte Duke Award on an annual basis to the girl who we feel best follows in Charlotte's footsteps.









megan lundquistMegan Lundquist Award - $500 Continuing Education Scholarship

Megan Lundquist (Troop #159 in Colorado Springs, CO)  holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn the Eagle level WOW! award.  In addition, by the time she graduated, she also earned her Diamond Gem Award as well as 5 of the Major Awards.  Megan is also the first Frontier Girl to make the transition from girl member to leader as she will be taking over the leadership of the Penguin level of Troop #159 in the fall.  Megan is a wonderful role model for the girls in her troop and puts forth her best effort in everything she accomplishes.  Frontier Girls will be awarding the Megan Lundquist Award on an annual basis to the girl who we feel best follows in Megan's footsteps.




kayla anneFrontier Girl of the Month - Kayla-Anne Rodenberg

By, Chana Barak

Kayla Anne Rodenberg, daughter of Michelle Rodenberg, received the Diamond Award, the highest award in Frontier Girls as well as the WOW! Award for earning more than 100 badges at the high school level. These awards were presented by Kerry Cordy, Frontier Girls founder.

The Diamond Award acknowledges girls for going above and beyond the basic obligations of attending meetings and earning badges, rewarding their efforts to take to heart the most important aspects of the Frontier Girls program, being a woman of honor. To earn her Diamond award, Kayla Anne had to first earn her Life Skills Achievement Award, Liberty Award, Fruit of the Spirit Award, Leadership Award, Make a Difference Award, a minimum of one Servants Heart Award for community service, and at least one badge from each of nine Areas of Discovery.

While earning her Diamond Award, Kayla Anne completed over 225 hours of community service, and earned over 100 badges, which merited her Frontier Girls' WOW Award. As part of her Make a Difference Award, Kayla Anne chose to plan the Mother Daughter Luncheon at Mesorah High School. The event had not been held at the school for several years, so she recreated the affair from scratch, leaving her how-to plans so the event can be held again for years to come.

Kayla -Anne joined Frontier Girls troop 262 as a founding member in 2013. She held leadership positions of Snack Coordinator and Leader in Training. Kayla Anne is 18 years old and a senior at Mesorah High School. After graduation, she will study at Bais Yaakov Levavi in Israel for a year before returning to the U.S. to attend Touro College in New York.

"Frontier Girls isn't just a place to gain your own leadership skills, but to help others find the best way to gain their leadership skills." said Kayla Anne.



singingSing-A-Long - Songs with hand motions

Check out this great resource on Youtube.  A bunch of Girl Scouts got together and recorded tons of songs along with their hand motions.  If you are looking for fun songs to sing with your girls, check out this site:





Highlights From the 2013-14 School Year

As end of year reports start to come in, I thought everyone might be interested is some of the activities our pioneers and troops have participated in over the last year.  They might give you some ideas for your own troop next year.  This is by no means an all inclusive list, but should spark your imagination.


Top Ten Badges Earned:

1.  Our Flag  (373)

2.  Fire Safety  (276)

3.  First Aid  (259)

4.  Holiday (various specific holidays)  (240)

5.  Emergency Preparedness  (228)

6.  Chocolate  (205)

7.  Friendship  (185)

8.  Etiquette  (183)

9.  Teamwork  (178)

10.  Apples   (170)

Awards Earned:

Liberty  (90)

Life Skills   (65)

Fruit of the Spirit  (34)

Make a Difference  (25)

WOW!  (13  - 4 Otter, 4 Butterfly, 5 Eagle)

Leadership  (12)

Gem Award  (7 - 2 Sapphire, 2 Emerald, 3 Diamond)


Service Projects Completed:

Raising money to donate to July 4 Family Festival and Fireworks

Partner with Warrior Canine Connection and held a Puppy Shower to gather supplies for the dogs.

Made treats for local police, firemen, and nursing homes.

Donated clothing to Hurricane Sandy victims.

Send care packages to our soldiers overseas

Love a Soldier Project - sending handmade Valentines to our soldiers

Plant and tend community garden plot

Cook and serve dinner at a homeless shelter

Food drive

Toiletries drive

made sock toys for animal shelter

Made luminaries for Gold Star Mothers

Hygiene kits for rescue mission

Thanksgiving food boxes

Serve Christmas Dinner at VFW post

Place flags on graves for Memorial Day

Clean up the local park

Visit nursing homes

Walk in a cancer awareness walk


Field Trips:


Slumber party

Family picnic

Visit a dairy farm

River walk

Astronomy night



Kite Flying

Horseback riding

Pizza parlor tour



Junior Ranger Programs

Botanical Gardens

City trips and tours




Favorite Activities From the Girls:


Hiking (especially when there is a fire tower to visit....)

Historical Museums

Horseback riding

Blindfolded obstacle course (faithfulness badge)

Build-A-Bear (for hospitalized children)

Spring Fling Fashion Sleepover (Badges included Hygiene, Good Grooming, Nail Art, Accessories, and Fashion Design.)

Holding a variety of reptiles (snakes, tortoises, lizards, etc.) while working on the Reptiles badge


Teen overnight



 Memorial Day

I lost count of how many pictures I received of Frontier Girls helping out at Memorial Day services.  I am proud that so many of you understand the seriousness of this day and are teaching it to your girls.  Here are just a few highlights..


troop #179Frontier Girls co-op #179 of Nacogdoches, Texas kicked off Memorial Day weekend by honoring the memory of local veterans.

Members of the co-op, all home-educated girls ranging in age from 3 to 10, spent over six hours on Thursday, May 22 making several fresh and silk floral arrangements as part of this service project. By the day's end the girls had completed over 20 arrangements.

On Friday morning, May 23, co-op members met at Oak Grove Cemetery where they walked among the grave markers seeking out military veteran tombstones which they decorated with their floral arrangements and American flags.






troop 152Troop #152 from Boynton Beach, FL spent the day doing a variety of services for Memorial Day including placing flags on graves, passing out programs and even waiting in the heat to release the doves.











treoop 234Troop #234 from Ohio spent their morning decorating the graves of our fallen.












Troop #273Troop #273 from Anderson, CA spent the morning decorating graves and then returned to lead the singing for the Memorial Day service later in the day.