Issue #37 - September 2014


facebook New Facebook Group

For those of you on Facebook, our main Frontier Girls Facebook page is a great place to keep track of updates and changes to the program.  Unfortunately though many of the posts by our members get overlooked since they don't end up in the news feed.  As a result, we have started a new private Facebook group called Frontier Girls/Quest Clubs that is designed to connect members of both the Frontier Girls and Quest programs to share ideas, ask questions, and offer support.  The group has only been up and running for about a week and already has 100 members.  If you are interested in connecting with the members all across the country and sharing what your troop is up to, this is the place to do it.  Keep following the main Facebook page for updates on what is happening with the program as a whole and join the new Facebook group for connecting with others.




megan lundquistScholarships

2014 was the first year the Frontier Girls offered continuing education scholarships.  From this point forward, we are offering three annual scholarships for girls ages 16-22.

The Abby Olson Award - $1,000 continuing education scholarship

The Charlotte Duke Award - $500 continuing education scholarship

Te Megan Lundquist Award - $500 continuing education scholarship

If you would like to apply for the 2015 scholarships, applications must be submitted by April 1 and awards will be presented by the end of May.  More information on each scholarship and online applications are available on our scholarships page.


New Badges

Teddy Bears, Doctor Who, Diseases* (specific), Animals* (specific)

We have several members, both girls and adults, who suffer from a variety of diseases.  The new Diseases badge was designed to learn more about each of these diseases and bring awareness to them.

doctor who

















waterIce Bucket Challenge

I am sure that you have all seen and heard about the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness by now.  Katie Lundquist, the leader of Troop #159 has issued a challenge for all Frontier Girl leaders and Pioneers.  The original challenge states that you must EITHER dump a bucket of ice water over your head, OR donate to ALS research.  Katie has challenged all Frontier Girl troops to choose a charity to raise awareness for and donate $1 for every girl or leader that will dump ice water on their head.  Personally I choose to bring awareness to Wegeners Granulomatosis, a rare disease that a good friend of mine has been hospitalized with for much of the last year,  and will be making my personal donation to the Vasculitis Foundation.  My troop will decide on a charity as soon as we start our meetings in September.

For every troop that participates and sends me a photo of them doing the challenge and details of which charity they are supporting, I will donate $5 to their charity.  It may not be much, but if all 200+ troops participate it will be more than $1,000 towards various programs.  I will post all pictures and awareness links in the October Newsletter.   Let's get cold everyone!



logo transparentMeeting Plans

We are trying to build a database of meeting plan ideas, especially those geared toward multi-age troops.  If you have a plan that has worked well with your troop, or even just individual activities, please email them to with the heading:  NEWSLETTER.

Kick Off Meeting by Elizabeth Simmons, Troop #122

What does it mean to be a Frontier Girl?

Purpose: Meet adults involved in our crew, practice manners, learn creed, and work together

Objects/pictures of objects mentioned
Bag for each girl to keep her objects
9 adults or stations to fin...d and explore
Adult/station prepared with objects, creed piece, and explanation
Plan, map, or clues to get them to each adult/station

Basic idea:
Girls in small groups, travel from adult/station to adult/station. At each station, they must
1. correctly meet and greet the adult, introducing themselves
2. Ask politely what the adult can teach them about being a Frontier Girl
3. Complete a challenge if requested by the adult (sing a song, introduce each other, fit in 1 tile on the floor, etc. - silly, teambuilding, fun)
4. Listen politely to the explanation of the object and the part of the creed
5. Respond politely when they receive their object/picture and place it in their bag
6. Repeat for all 9 stations

Station Adult/location Piece of creed Object
1 I will be Loving, treating others as I would like to be treated. Felt/plastic heart
2 I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation. Smiley ring
3 I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs. handshake
4 I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles. Watch/clock
5 I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times. Broom/small gift box
6 I will be Good, pure in all I do, think, and say. Soap/sanitizer
7 I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country. Cross, memory bracelet
8 I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I. Flower/feather
9 I will have Self Control, using my time, materials and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own actions. Lock/treasure box


State Arkamapnsas and Edible Art Plan Sent in by Katie Lundquist of Troop #159

Requirements Completed: State:AR (#1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 15 - P-B done) & Edible Art (#4 & 17, plus 11 & 19 depending on how you do it)


Opening Activity - Discuss the Quapaw Indians; play the Hoop & Spear game (State #6. Learn to play a game that teaches or reinforces the history of your state. & Butterfly #*2. Learn about the history of the people of your state. Where did they come from? How has their religion affected their history? How has their history affected the food and customs of your state?)


Flag Ceremony/Motto/Prayer

Station 1 - State Symbols Matching Game w/song playing on laptop & info on the symbolism of the flag (State #9. Find out what your state bird, flower, animal, and song are. & #10. Learn about the symbolism of your state flag.)

Station 2 - Map Puzzle (State Penguin #1 Locate your state on a map. Which states border yours?, Otter #1 What is your state capital? Locate it on a map of your state.)

Station 3 (We actually had 3 identical stations for this, one for each patrol) - create edible states on sheet cookies (State #15. Learn where the most important natural features or resources are—how have they affected the state’s history? Which parts of the state are more industrial or more rural? Edible Art # 4. Create a piece of edible art for dessert (decorate cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc.), #11. Learn a technique for decorating with frosting, #17. Create a model of something that is edible such as a sugar cookie map of the US & #19. Help teach younger kids how to create a piece of edible art.)

We used the cookie maps as snack.

We stayed together as a group and did a Living Timeline with 25 events - each girl got a slip of paper with a dated event on it. I called out the dates in random order, one at a time and the girls had to guess where they were on the timeline (a long row of chairs). (State #2 up through Butterfly #1 Draw a timeline for your state. You must list at least 25 major events or people on the timeline and illustrate at least five of them. Share your timeline with at least two people.)


VVF2014SpringActivity Update

by Francine Giesler

Our family decided to continue on with the spring and fall drives for a local veterans home called Veteran Victory Farm.  This spring, we raised over $900 for cleaning supplies.  We also teamed up with a distributor that sells Vollara cleaning products and purchased a product called Laundry Pure at base cost (no upcharge from which they would make money off from it).  After purchasing additional supplies like gloves, garbage bags, ziplock bags, hand and dish towels, we delivered the products to the home.  It just so happened we arrived just in time as they had just run out of some of the supplies we brought with us.  I have attached a picture of us when we dropped off the items.

In the picture are:
Front:  Rowen, Zachary and Arial
Back: Damien Gillespie, myself, Quinton, Michelle Zedalis and Michelle Barrows

Damien Gillespie and Michelle Barrows are the Vollara distributors
Michelle Zedalis is the Veteran Victory Farm councilor



jdrfDiabetes Awareness

by Louise Tardy

Troop #210 has registered for the diabetes walk for the cure at six flags.  We need to raise money for this organization to help find a cure for this.

My troop of 8 have at least three parents with diabetes and many other family members that fight this everyday.  We ask you to please donate to jdrf, every cent counts.

 Please go to
and search for team Frontier girls
You can pick a scout or leader to donate to as we have a challenge going to see who can raise more money or just donate to the troop/team.
Frontier girls troop 210  members and leaders would like to thank all in advance for supporting this troop in its effort to give back.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATroop 159 Butterfly/Eagle Campout 2014

by Katie Lundquist Troop #159

Every year, we try to carve out some time with just the older girls.  This year, Troop 159 held it's 3rd annual Butterfly/Eagle weekend close to home in beautiful Black Forest, CO.  Six girls and four adults enjoyed camping out in a yurt - a new experience for all of us!  We highly recommend it as it has all the fun of tent camping plus electricity!  We enjoyed hiking, swimming, tennis, games, campfire songs and scary stories.  We worked on our Outdoor Safety, Hiking, Peace, Bandana, Wilderness Survival and Camping badges.  As is our tradition, all of the new girls and adults earned their camp nicknames.  We also brought back a tradition from the first year and stopped at Steak 'n' Shake on the way home.  Great food, great fun & great memories.
- (from L to R) Bookworm, Katniss, Maestro, Flipper, Giggles, Ms. Katie (who still needs a nickname!), Paddles-in-Circles, S'Mores Queen & The Professor





icecreamBaggie Peppermint Ice Cream

submitted by Troop #159 - Family Camp Out 2014 - Patrol Cook-Off Winner


1 cup milk

2 tablespoons sugar

1/8 teaspoon peppermint extract

2 cups ice

1/4 cup rock salt

1 candy cane, crushed

1 quart Ziploc bag

1 gallon Ziploc bag

Add ins and toppings


Step by step, put together your homemade icecream:

1.  In the quart sized Ziploc mix milk, sugar, and peppermint.  Zip closed.

2.  In the gallons sized Ziploc bag put the ice and rock salt.

3.  Place the quart size Ziploc inside the gallons size Ziploc with the salt and ice and jiggle it back and forth on your counter, turning and sloshing back and forth until the ice cream thickens.  This will take about 5 minutes, maybe longer.

4.  Take out the quart size Ziploc bag.  Thoroughly wipe off the salt on the outside, open and mix in the crushed candy cane and any other desired add ins or toppings.