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Issue #44 - April, 2015


fg logo embroidery

Embroidery Patterns - Coming Soon!

Kerry Cordy

I got a new embroidery machine for Christmas and am currently learning how to make my own patterns..  I made a large 6 inch pattern of our Frontier Girls logo to put on jackets and such that I have now made available through the store free of charge.  I do not have the time to make and sell the actual embroidery, but if you have access to a machine, I will be posting all of my designs on the website by the end of April that you can download and use if you wish at no cost.  Keep checking the newsletters for the exact link once they are posted.








wall  banner

Wall Banners

A few years ago Sylvia Duke, one of the leaders of Troop #109, came up with the idea of making wall banners for her girls that advanced levels so that they would have somewhere to display the badges they earned at a lower level.  There was so much interest in the idea that I hired her to make a large quantity of them that I could have in stock at our store.  Each wall banner measures  8″ x 23″ and is made of red felt (or navy for leaders) with the Frontier Girls patch at the top and the level ribbon sewn underneath.  The banners are stabilized with a strong wooden dowel and hung with ribbon.  The banners are available in the Frontier Girls store and sell for $9.99 each.  They make a wonderful gift as your daughter advances to her next level.  The link in the store is:






New  Badges

Rainbow Loom, Psychology, Shoes, Purses, Home Spa, Books (Specific), Balloon Art, Backyard Buddies, Criminal Forensics

home spaPURSEshoespsychology (fg&q)rainbow loomballoon artbackyard buddiesforensicsbooks harry potter














Frontier Girls of the Month

??????????????????????Caroline Duke, Otter, Troop 109


September 2014: Caroline Duke, age 7, was presented with her Topaz Gem Award at our Awards & Rededication Meeting. For her Make a Difference Award Caroline coordinated her entire Troop in a food drive for the local thrift store/food bank, gathering 100 lbs of food; an amazing job for a then-six-year-old! Caroline is heavily involved in her local Troop -- 109 in Big Sandy, Texas -- and also works lots of badges at home with her family. Right now Caroline is working towards her WOW! Award, before she advances to Dolphin level in September. Well done, Caroline!






beth henderson Elizabeth Anne (Beth) Henderson


January 2015: At our Awards Ceremony for Pioneer Member Beth Henderson, we were delighted to be able to present her with the Emerald Gem Award at Butterfly level.  Beth is in her second year of membership with Frontier Girls and has worked hard to complete all the requirements for this demanding achievement.  Whilst working towards the Gem Award, Beth has particularly enjoying making up the acrostics and pictorial bouquets for the Fruit of the Spirit Award as well as the role play elements of the Leadership Award.  Completing all the Life Skills was also a major challenge which gave a huge sense of satisfaction once achieved.

Beth is the only Frontier Girl in the UK and is attached to Troop 109 in Texas.

She is now planning to add to her Merit Badge collection in time to achieve the Wow! Award before she graduates to Eagle Level in September.




treasureTips and Treasures from our Members

(The links below are not affiliated with Frontier Girls, so surf at your own risk.)


41 Camping Hacks That Will Change The Great Outdoors As You Know It

submitted by Jeri Collins

Lego Lapbook Ideas

submitted by Lisa Garner

Booklet on Self Control:

submitted by Karen Britton


campingAnnual Scouting For Girls Friendship Camporee

(Posting for Valerie Rothan)

This event is an all scouting campout that includes girls from all scouting organizations including Frontier Girls, Girl Scouts, 4H, American Heritage Girls and more.  While Frontier Girls does not directly sponsor the event, we wanted to let you know it was happening is case you wished to attend.

When : August 7-9th, 2015
Where: Stonelick State Park
2895 Lake Drive...
Pleasant Plain, Ohio 45162


Cost of event:$15.00
Shirts: $10.00 up to size XL, $12.00 for XXL, $13.00 for XXXL.
Additional Patches: $2.00
Year rocker/bar(if you want me to acquire it before hand):$1.00 (still
being negotiated so this is an estimate)

Food is not included. It is up to participants to plan and supply their own meals and method of cooking.  Troops are responsible to follow all regulations and safety
requirements of their particular organizations.

This is an extremely Primitive camping unit. No running water on our side of the lake. Port-o-lets for facilities. Limited parking in this lot. Those who are fortunate enough to get a space will be expected to assist in carpooling those who were not.

Only registered members of organizations will be permitted to camp. The only girls under the age of 5 MUST be a registered member of their organization. No Exceptions.

There is camping units across the lake of which fathers and non eligible siblings may camp at if you desire. Pre reservation is highly suggested as Stonelick camping area can get very busy as it really is the only place around. Those campsites are available with electric. Contact reservations at (866) 644-6727 or go to: to make a reservation.

There will be more details in the registration packet That should be ready for posting no later than April 1st. Space will be limited for attendance. So signups will be on a first
come first serve basis. If you have resources you would like to offer feel free to offer.

For more information contact:
Valerie Rothan-Leader
Frontier Girls Troop #148
513-851-0371 (best way to reach me during the day)



sports safetyApril is Sports Safety Month

 by Jon Carter

Outreach Coordinator, Safer-America

As the number of reported cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) increases in professional sports, so too does awareness of concussions at the college and amateur levels. The NFL now takes helmet to helmet contact as a serious offense after coming under intense scrutiny for allowing players to reenter the game after sustaining brain jarring hits. Professional leagues have their reputation and financial interests to consider, but what about little league players or high school athletes looking to advance their game to the next level?

The interactive data visualization located HERE breaks down the total number of traumatic brain injuries sustained by children under 19 years of age between the years of 2001 and 2009. The data, taken from a 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is categorized according to gender, age range, and sport/activity. No matter your level of expertise on the subject, the numbers have a way of speaking for themselves.

(While Frontier Girls does not yet have a completed Sports Safety badge, it is currently under construction and will include items like the following if you wish to get started.)

When is sports safety month? When was it started and by whom? What is its purpose?

Create an ad for a piece of sports safety equipement

role play safe sports situations

playground safety check

sports safety posters

bicycle safety

skateboard safety

water safety

safety equipment

proper stretching and warmups

proper form when exercising or participating in sports

Emotional injuries - stress, bullying, loss, pressure

importance of doctor's physical and what it should include


Listen to your body

over training injuries

first aid