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gem diamondAward Season and End of Year Ceremonies

It is that time of year again and many troops are finishing up the school year with their annual Court of Awards Ceremony.  Please remembers to plan ahead!   All badges are made to order and we get very busy this time of year.  We also only keep a small inventory of higher awards in stock at any one time and back orders can take up to 2 weeks to receive.  In order to ensure that you have everything you need for your ceremony, please try to place your order a minimum of 3 weeks before you need the items.   If you wait until the last minute and do not get everything you need in time for your ceremony, remember that there are printable certificates in the Members Area of the website that can be used until the actual badge/award arrives.




selinaFrontier Girls of the Month

Selina Giffen - Penguin, Troop #159, CO

Selina Giffen is a Penguin with Troop 159 who joined us last summer.  Selina jumped right in from the beginning, engaged and interested in whatever we are working on.  From badges to field trips, fundraisers to service projects, she is always smiling, friendly and helpful.  One of the service projects she enjoyed most was packing Thanksgiving boxes for low income families in our community.

Selina always finishes up any "homework" and has also earned several badges at home.  We are already seeing her stand out as a leader, being friendly with new girls and serving others at home in her neighborhood.Selina decided early on that she wanted to earn the Pink Garnet Award, even though she would only have a year to do it.  I'm pleased to say that with focus and hard work, Selina earned her award in plenty of time before she'll cross over to Otter!
We love having Selina in our troop and as leaders we can't wait to watch her blossom & grow in the future.

lilyLily - Dolphin, Troop #317, IN

Lily (pictured on the left) is working on earning her leadership award. She has a real passion for animals and wanted to volunteer at our local humane society but was told she had to be 16. Because she is not able to volunteer at this time, Lily decided to do her own volunteering by organizing a pet food and supply drive to give to the humane society. On her own she made a flier and with the help of her fellow frontier girls troop made collection boxes to place at locations.
On Saturday, March 28, 2015 together as a troop, Frontier Girls Troop 317 of Elkhart, In visited the Elkhart Humane Society to deliver the donations and take a tour of the facility. The tour was the last requirement the girls needed to earn their animal badge for cat. Lily has also completed her make a difference award for the dolphin level in which she will be awarded at our next court of honor.

2015 Scholarship Winners

Abby Olson Award - $1,000 continuing education scholarship.

Unfortunately no one applied for this scholarship this year so it remains unawarded.


charlotte dukeCharlotte Duke Award - $500 continuing education scholarship.

The Charlotte Duke Award for 2015  is presented to Megan Lundquist, Owl/Leader, Troop #159

Megan graduated high school in 2014 and holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn the WOW! Award at the Eagle level.  By the time she graduated she had also earned her Eagle level Diamond Award and 5 of Area Major Awards.  In addition to being a very active Owl level Frontier Girl, she  has also stepped up over the past year to lead the Penguin and Otter levels of Troop #159.

Get to know her through her essay:

"There are two things I hate - writing about myself, and, well, writing about myself. But as a leader, I know I need to be a good example for my girls so here I go. I feel I should earn the Charlotte Duke Award because I love Frontier Girls. Even though I have graduated, the Frontier Girls core values have become part of who I am. I do my best to live out the motto and the creed in every area of my life. I have not stopped learning about the world around me, and when I come across something new, my first thought is to see if there is a badge for it. If not, I start writing them in my head! I have submitted several badges and have plans for many more

As Assistant Leader for Troop #159, I am in charge of helping out the younger girls when they get restless at meetings. I have extra activities for their level for them to work on. I also recognize their birthdays with gift bags. I have planned pizza and cocoa parties to reward the girls who participated in fundraisers and I help organize the prizes. I love working with the little girls, helping them learn new things and earn more badges. I love to see their faces when they get their bag full of badges at the Court of Awards - they are so proud!

I think it is important for everyone to always keep learning something new every day. That's why I would like to receive this award - so I can continue exploring my world."


megan lundquistMegan Lundquist Award - $500 continuing education scholarship.

The Megan Lundquist Award for 2015 is presented to Emily Lundquist, Eagle, Troop #159.

Emily is an Eagle from Troop #159 who has earned the following awards at the Eagle level:

WOW Award, Make a Difference Award, Leadership Award,  Discovery Award, Liberty Award, Fruit of the Spirit Award, Major in Art, Major in Character, Major in Health & Safety, Major in the Home, Major in Knowledge, Major in the World

Get to know her through her essay:

"This is the worst kind of essay to have to write. And here's why:

It doesn't matter who's writing it, or what it's for, but when someone writes a "why I deserve this" paper, all I hear is, "OH LOOK AT HOW AMAZING I AM. I'M ALL AWESOME, SHINY AND COVERED IN GLITTER. I'M SO COOL, GIVE ME A UNICORN!".

Yes, it’s nice to laugh sometimes here and there, but in all seriousness, what does qualify me to receive this award? Personally, I think about it and not a whole lot stands out. Call me humble if that’s what you’d like, I’m only being honest. I don’t see the things that I do as exceptional or noteworthy. I do what’s asked of me, and I strive to do what isn’t asked of me, but is needed of me regardless. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. When I do, I want to work harder to be better; and when I don’t, I want to work harder to be better. I am so far from being the person that I am capable of being.

But the personal fight that I face daily is continuing to rage on. The fight where I strive to be better, to be more encouraging, more inspirational, to work harder, to be smarter, and bolder, to make the difference in this world that I am capable of making. To be the person that I am meant to be. I don’t believe that I am an incredible, gifted, or amazing person, deserving of any title, award, or honorable mention. But I believe the people who tell me those things. Because it’s the people I trust and care about the most who say them. And I’ve always had an eye for seeing who is being truly genuine and when. They wouldn’t lead me on. I’m told that I am these things, incredible, gifted, a leader, amazing, talented, extraordinary, smart, strong, inspirational, and encouraging. I don’t see it. But I believe it when it comes from the mouth of another. And I am continuing to stretch myself in hopes that one day, I’ll be able to believe it for me.

I realize that I am a masterpiece, created by Christ, to do amazing things. Things I never thought I’d do. But knowing that only goes so far before my human nature kicks in, and I start to doubt. It’s a struggle that I face every second of my life. But I know that with the strength given to me by God, I will overcome my doubt. I am a daughter of the Creator of the universe. Of course I’m amazing. I am more treasured than the stars in the sky. But in reality, all that says and proves to me, is that any glory or praise that I receive from anyone for anything, belongs to Him."



New Badges Released

Superhero (specific),   Flat Stanley


superheroes captain america

superheroes batman

superheroes hulk

flat stanley









fg logo embroideryEmbroidery Patterns - Update

Kerry Cordy

My apologies.  I thought I would have the new embroidery patterns on the website by the end of April, but my learning curve is much longer than anticipated.  I need to stitch out each design to make sure there are no problems, and I still have a few issues I am trying to correct.    I do not have the time to make and sell the actual embroidery, but if you have access to a machine, I will be posting all of my designs on the website that you will be able to download and use if you wish at no cost.  Keep checking the newsletters for the exact link once they are posted.  I am hoping they will be available by the end of June.


wall  bannerWall Display Banners for Advancing Girls

If you have girls advancing to new age levels, they must remove all badges that were earned at the lower level.  Our wall banners are the perfect place to display badges and patches from lower levels.  Each banner is 8″ x 23″ and made of red felt with the Frontier Girls patch and level ribbon.  Leader banners can be ordered in navy blue felt with a red ribbon.  Wall display banners sell through the Frontier Girls store for $9.99 each and make wonderful gifts for your advancing Frontier Girl.










creative madness mamaCreative Madness Mama Blog

One of our new Pioneer Frontier Girls moms has a wonderful blog where she is chronicling her and her daughters' experiences with Frontier Girls.   In addition to her stories of Frontier Girls, she also has a variety of posts and reviews for books, homeschooling curriculum for young children, educational play and more.  Check out Creative Madness Mama at