Issue 46 – June/July 2015


Issue #46 – June/July 2015


kerry faceA Note From the Founder – Late Newsletter…

My apologies for missing the June Newsletter. † For those who were unaware, my oldest daughter graduated high school last month.† May is always a crazy month as we process orders for everyone’s end of year ceremonies, but this year was much worse.† My own schedule was insane thanks to graduation activities and the fact that my Frontier Girls troop decided to work on their Drama badge and produce a complete play for their final ceremony, so items like the monthly newsletter fell to the bottom of the priority pile.† Better late than never though so I have combined June news with July and should be back on track for regular newsletters again.

Kerry Cordy



Flat Annies from TN visit Frontier Girls Headquarters

Troop #321 in TN sent Flat Annies from all their girls to visit with Troop #101 and Frontier Girls Headquarters.† They got to see some local sites, puting their feet in the Sacramento River and walking across the famous Sundial Bridge as well as visiting Turtle Bay museum.† After participating in a play with Troop #101 at their award ceremony the Annies came to Frontier Girls headquarters and made badges with our office manager Hannah Stafford and had lunch with Kerry Cordy and her mom, Sandy Yearwood.

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New Badges Added

Canoeing, The Seven Teachings


seven teachings









DSC_0056Drama Badge

by Kerry Cordy – Troop #101

I am SO proud of my Frontier Girls.† This spring my Frontier Girls troop decided to earn their Drama badge. I have no talent for drama and told them that if they wanted to earn it they would have to plan and organize it themselves without relying on me.†† Two weeks later, one of my Butterflies, Emily Granger, came to me with a play she wrote called “Castle Hunting” (that was absolutely adorable) and asked if the troop could perform it.† After reading through it with the rest of the girls, it got a unanimous “YES” and the girls got to work.† They chose parts, planned and created props and costumes,† and worked together as a team from the smallest Penguin to the oldest Eagle.† My job was to simply supervise, get supplies, and provide a space to work in.† The girls were amazing to say the least.

The play “Castle Hunting” about 4 princesses who are looking for a new home, only to discover that they are happiest in the home they already have, was a huge success.† Even the youngest girls had parts and they all did beautifully.† Our youngest Penguin even had a speaking part and had the audience laughing with her sheer cuteness.

As many of you know, I encourage blending badges whenever possible and working on more than one at the same time.† When I explained to the younger girls that they would have to be very still and quiet backstage, one of my girls, a Dolphin with tons of energy, told me “That is going to be VERY hard for me.”† So I encouraged her to start working on the Self Control badge as she would be completing several requirements while working on the Drama badge with the rest of the girls.† She cracked me up with her response which was, “Yeah, I have been avoiding that one….the Patience one too.”† In spite of her doubts, she and the rest of the younger girls did great and we never heard a peep out of them.

At the final bow, the girls even brought the “Flat Annies” from Troop #321 in TN up on stage with them for a quick photo. (Look closely at the picture above and you will see the Flat Annies taking their bow.

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Otters Earn Make a Difference Award

From Karen Britton, Troop #144 in PA
As some of you may know, PA had a long cold winter this year, but this did not stop Otters Andrea and Riley from troop #144.† They used the cold to help them earn their Make a difference Award.† The girls wanted to help the local food ban,† The Open Link.† They contacted The Open Link and asked what foods they needed to help others in our community.† Then they set up their hot chocolate table and collected money.† The girls took their money to the local graocery store where they shopped.† The final step was delivering all their food.† Congratulations girls, you did a great job!

DSCN3651Troop #159 Makes a Difference

by Katie Lundquist – Troop #159

Troop #159 sure has been busy this year with Make a Difference Award projects!† In February, we learned of a single mom of two young children who was battling cancer.† Our hosting location wanted to get a few freezer meals together for her and two of our girls, Butterfly Faith Dickerson and Dolphin Makayla Russell, took on the project.† They each planned several meals, shopped for supplies, got donations and directed several girls and moms in the cooking and packaging. †We made 10 dinners, 2 kinds of breakfasts (which would each last a couple of days) & 2 desserts in just 90 minutes and filled the freezer!

In April, Eagle Emily Lundquist planned and put on a community dance for over 75 people.† It was an amazing time of making memories and fellowship.† Not only did Emily earn her Make a Difference Award, but she also delegated enough work so that ten other girls did as well!† Otters – Adria Brooks (Posters), Alaina Schoendube (Cupcakes), Isabel Tumlinson (Posters); Dolphins – Christina Dickerson (Posters), Sarah Lundquist (Photo Booth), Isabella Marruffo (Games), Makayla Russell (Amenities), Caitlin Tumlinson (Favors); Butterflies – Faith Dickerson (Entryway) and Hannah Dickerson (Refreshments) all worked together to make the Troop #159 Red Carpet Dance a huge success!Two of our girls have completed Make a Difference Award projects in May & June.† Eagle Hannah Lundquist designed and built several balance elements to be used by kids with special needs at a therapeutic miniature horse farm.† She also photographed all the horses and laminated the pictures to be used on a identification board so the kids can choose the right tack for their horses by themselves.And our Owl/Leader Megan has been working hard on three major projects this spring: a toiletries drive for a local mission serving low-income families which collected over 475 items, an educational display with crafts for the kids honoring female veterans at the local military cemetery for Memorial Day, and a 2016 Valentine card drive for deployed soldiers which to date has received over 100 Valentines.
We are so proud of all our girls!

tornado tornado waterFrontier Girls Troop #283† Assists in Clean Up After Tornado Hits

A tornado†destroyed a local farm in late June†(De Vor’s Dairy Farm in Decker,MI) near Troop #283.† In response, the troop jumped into action to help the clean up crew with food and drinks.† They collected donations for – 30 flats of water, 2 24pks of pepsi,a case of Arizona Palmer tea,2 grocery bags of food,2 bags of ice, and 2 foam coolers full of popsicles as well as a card for the family just in the first day or so.† Older girls and families helped with clean up over the week as well.
Carissa Dybilis, leader of troop #283 said, “The owners wife just about cried when she saw the delivery come in…The farm is about 15miles from us and 10miles from my own family’s farm…So it hit home for all of us…So we thought it was best that since this family’s farm is always supporting local stores, it was time we did something for them.”

FG SylverJune Girl of the Month – Sylver Reynolds, Eagle, Troop #144

Sylver Reynolds is a recently advanced Eagle and an active member of PA troop #144.† In her last year as a Butterfly she earned a total of 6 Servant’s Heart Awards for a total of 90 hours of service!† Great job Sylver.








11116462_1032473683433992_5051118155457867015_nJuly Girl of the Month – Makayla Russell, Butterfly, Troop #159 – Double Make a Difference!

Makayla is a Dolphin-just-crossed-over-to-Butterfly with Troop #159.† She is always a bright spot of sunshine at all of our meetings and activities.† She is great with the littler girls and loves to help them with crafts and projects.† This year, Makayla worked hard and earned her Sapphire Award with not one, but TWO Make a Difference Award projects!† She is always striving to live by the Frontier Girls Promise, Motto & Creed and is a wonderful example to those around her.† We are very proud of her and can’t wait to see the things she’ll do as a Butterfly!








DSC_0038Valentines for Soldiers

by Megan Lundquist – Owl/Co-Leader Troop #159

Hi, my name is Megan Lundquist and I’m an Owl and co-Leader with Troop #159 in Colorado.† I am doing a Valentine Drive for deployed soldiers for 2016.† I would like your help!† Please have your girls make Valentine Cards and send them to me by December 19, 2015.† I would love to shower them with Love!† Thank you.

Frontier Girls Troop #159
c/o Megan Lundquist

3935 Half Turn Pl
Colorado Springs CO 80917



Frontier Girls Quilt

We are trying to put together a Frontier Girls quilt representing Frontier Girls troops and Pioneers around the country.† Currently only 5 squares have been received and we need LOTS MORE!† Please mail a 6″ cotton square with a design representing your troop to:

Frontier Girls

1704 Austin Lane

Cottonwood, CA 96022

Make sure to keep a 1/2″ border clear around your design to leave room for seams

quilt 1 quilt 2 quilt 3 quilt 4 quilt 5

























memorial dayMemorial Day Services

by Kerry Cordy

I am very proud† that so many Frontier Girls turned out to give service to our veterans on Memorial Day.† Many Americans forget the importance of the day and simply view it as a 3 day weekend to BBQ and have some fun.†† Frontier Girls around the country put flags on graves, sang at ceremonies and supported our veterans† in any way they could.† Great job girls!










Frontier Girls Hold Year-End Awards Ceremony

A newspaper article written by Charlotte Duke, Troop #109


Frontier Girls Troop 109 of Big Sandy, Texas, held their annual Year-End Awards Ceremony on Monday, May 18th, 2015. Families and friends gathered to watch and applaud as the girls were presented with the merit badges they have earned as a Troop, as well as any others they have worked on at home. Since the January awards meeting, the Troop has completed merit badges for Apples, Etiquette, Home Maintenance, and My Troop. The girls were also presented with Servantís Heart awards for community service performed. Since the January Awards Meeting, the Troop has done a total of 240 hours of community service.


Troop Leader Sarah Strub presented a short PowerPoint display showcasing what the Troop has been doing since the last awards ceremony, and what our Pioneer Member, Beth Henderson in Wales, UK, has been doing. Then Assistant Troop Leader Sylvia Duke announced the merit badges and Mrs. Strub presented them.


Higher Awards, those requiring more effort and time, were also presented. Sarah Osteen, Haven Osteen, Kate Osteen, Sarah DeClerck, Hannah Walls, and Collene Duke were all awarded their Life Skills Achievement Awards, showing that they have completed all 30 Life Skills at their level. Collene Duke, Charlotte Duke, and Rebecca Strub all received Discovery Awards, for earning at least one merit badge from each of the nine Areas of Discovery.


Special distinction was given to Caroline and Collene Duke. Caroline received her WOW! Award, signifying 100 merit badges at the Otter Level. Collene has achieved her Pink Garnet Gem Award, the highest award available at the Penguin Level.


After the girls were presented with their awards, Frontier Boys Arthur Duke, Alasdair Duke, and Nathaniel Walls were presented their merit badges. Arthur and Alasdair were also awarded Servantís Hearts and Discovery Awards, and Alasdair was presented with his Life Skills Achievement Award. (The Frontier Boys do not currently meet with the Frontier Girls Troop.)


To close the meeting, Troop Leader Sarah Strub said her goodbyes to the Troop and officially handed leadership over to Assistant Troop Leader Sylvia Duke. Mrs. Strub is leaving the Troop to become part of the Band Boosters program at the Big Sandy School. Mrs. Strub also presented Mrs. Duke with the key to the Frontier Girlsí meeting location. Mrs. Duke, in turn, thanked Mrs. Strub for three years of wonderful leadership and presented her with a collage photo frame with pictures from her years as Troop Leader, and a card signed by the Troop. Charlotte Duke, as the oldest member of the Troop, also presented Mrs. Duke with a card from the Troop thanking her for her leadership and service to the Troop over the past seven years.


After the meeting members and guests alike adjourned for yummy snacks.


If you would like to know more about Frontier Girls, please visit .








  1. Caroline Duke receives her WOW! Award.
  2. Collene Duke receives her Gem Award.
  3. Frontier Boys: l to r: Troop Leader Sarah Strub, Alasdair Duke, Arthur Duke, Nathaniel Walls, Assistant Troop Leader Sylvia Duke.
  4. Troop 109 and Frontier Boys.
  5. Troop Leader Sarah Strub and Assistant Troop Leader Sylvia Duke.
  6. Troop Leader Sarah Strub holds photo memory frame given by Troop 109.

Photo Credits: Doug Strub.