Frontier Girls Newsletter Issue #47 - August 2015

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kerry faceA Note From the Founder - Meeting Old Friends for the First Time

by Kerry Cordy

I love getting a chance to meet leaders and girls from around the country.  In July I was fortunate enough to meet Valerie Rothan, leader of troop #148 for the first time.  Valerie has been a leader since 2011, and while we have become great friends over the years, I never had a chance to meet her in person until I traveled to Kentucky last month.  While I was in Lexington, Valerie made the 2 hour drive out from Ohio to come and meet me for lunch.  We spent a fabulous 3 hours at Gold Star Chili eating lunch and trading Frontier Girls stories.   It was wonderful!.  I left with a pile of Ohio goodies (including lots of chili!) to take home to my girls.

My list of girls and leaders that I have had a chance to meet is growing rapidly.  Don't forget that if you are ever in Northern California, you are always welcome to arrange a visit to Frontier Girls headquarters!



New Badge Size and Design!


After many requests over the years to find a way to mark badges based on when they were earned, we are finally making a change.  The new badges will be 1 1/4" in diameter instead of 1" and will have a colored ring around the outer edge based on the color of the level the girl was at when she earned it.  The sample above shows a green ring for the Butterfly level.  The back of the pins are also much higher quality with a more secure locking system.  The price for badges will remain the same at $.99 each.

For those who prefer the original, smaller, un-ringed badges, we will still be offering these for sale at least for the next year or two as we phase them out.  We don't want girls to be forced to wear two different sizes on their uniform unless they want to. Eventually though we will be switching over entirely to the new larger badge size.


badgesIf you would like a sample of the new badges, they will be available via the store at no cost (one per customer - random designs).

Comments are welcome!





New Badge List Layout

The Frontier Girls badge list has become so extensive that it is getting a bit unmanageable.  As a result, we are in the process of changing how the badges are listed.  We are trying to write more generalized badges that can be customized for a variety of specific badges rather than an individual badge for every subject.  For example, if we try to list every single badge written for specific books, our list would scroll on forever.  Instead, we have written a Books badge that is customizable for any book, a Trademarked Toys badge, customizable for any toy, a Biographies badge customizable to any person you wish to study, etc.

We still want girls to have the freedom to write very specific badges on the topics of their choice however and have a chance to share those ideas with others.  As a result, if there are specific requirements written for a specific book series, they will now be available through a link at the bottom of the Books badge rather than being listed on their own.  The Jane Austen badge will now be listed as a link at the bottom of the Biographies badge.  The Legos badge will now be listed as a link under Trademarked Toys.  You can still use the search button on the left side of the website to search for specific topics if you are not sure what general category they may attached to.

If you ever have a problem finding a badge, just ask!



New Badges Added

Trademarked Toys (Specific) - may be used to earn a specific badge on any trademarked toy.

Williams Syndrome (Listed under the Diseases and Genetic Disorders badge)

littlest petshop

cabbage patch kids


williams syndrome








Learning about Williams Syndrome -- Troop 284

Submitted by Denise Kerrigan, Troop 284 in Nevada

williams syndrome 2  williams syndrome 3

Williams Syndrome BoyTroop 284 spent a good part of May and June learning about a rare condition called Williams Syndrome.  Williams is a rare genetic disorder that affects 1 in 10,000 people worldwide.  It's caused by a deletion of part of the seventh chromosome.  Nina, one of our Otters, has an older brother with Williams Syndrome.  Nina's mom, Mercedes, her brother Niko, and younger sister, Lilia, joined us for two meetings to teach us all about what Williams Syndrome is and how it affects their lives.  Niko is just such an incredible young man and could melt any heart.  We were incredibly grateful to them for sharing this part of their lives with us!  We wanted to thank them, and do something to help spread awareness of Williams Syndrome, so we got all the girls together, had them promise not to tell, and we wrote a book all about Niko and Williams Syndrome.  With some help from Nina's dad, we were able to get some fantastic pictures of Niko to include.  It was really hard, but Nina, her dad, and all the girls kept the secret all the way until our Court of Honor.  None of the other parents knew what we did either.  At the Court of Honor, we shared a video about Williams Syndrome with all the families and talked about what we had learned.  Then, we brought Mercedes up to the front, and presented her with the book and read it to everyone.  It was very touching for everyone there!  The girls were also able to earn their Special Needs badge and Williams Syndrome badge, which we wrote with the help of Mercedes, and features Niko's picture on it.  This was easily the most meaningful badge we have ever done and it made a huge impact on the girls and leaders too.

Troop 122 Graduates - Frontier Girls of the Month!

Submitted by Elizabeth Simmons, Troop 122 in Texas

Frontier Girls and Quest Boys closing ceremony 2015
Frontier Girls and Quest Boys closing ceremony 2015 Abigail Kruckenberg (left) and Caitlin Blades (right)

Meet Abigail Kruckenberg and Caitlin Blades. Abigail joined in the fall of 2012. She has earned 23 badges, Discovery Award, Major in Knowledge, and 4 Eagle Servants Hearts serving at church, with refugees in our area, and other projects. Abigail is going on to college to become a math teacher. Caitlin has been a member since February 2012 and was troop 122's first Eagle. In her time with us she earned the Discovery Award, Liberty Award, Fruit of the Spirit, Major in Knowledge, and Wow award. She also has more service hours than we can count, spending time serving at the library, church, and entire summers as a volunteer counselor at a Christian camp. Caitlin will be studying to become a cosmetologist. Both girls are great friends and have been a blessing to our troop. We are so proud of them and hope they have time to come back as Owls!

Frontier Girls Quilt

We are trying to put together a Frontier Girls quilt representing Frontier Girls troops and Pioneers around the country.  Currently only 5 squares have been received and we need LOTS MORE!  Please mail a 6" cotton square with a design representing your troop to:

Frontier Girls

1704 Austin Lane

Cottonwood, CA 96022

Make sure to keep a 1/2" border clear around your design to leave room for seams

quilt 1 quilt 2 quilt 3  quilt 5

quilt 4



fg logo embroideryFrontier Girls Embroidery Pattern

An embroidery pattern of the Frontier Girls Logo has been uploaded to the files section of the Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs Facebook page.   If you need it in a different format, please email me and I will see what I can do!







Stamps for the Wounded

Submitted by Melissa Dawn Dufer

I open the mail at home and cut the stamps from any envelopes to send to the Lyons Club. They work with veterans, doing art therapy in hospitals and out patient facilities.

If you have any used stamps to spare/share, please consider donating them. You could even have your Frontier Girls collect them as a project. It's such a little thing that can mean a lot to someone who has fought for our freedom.

Stamps for the Wounded
PO Box 297
Dunn Loring, VA 22027


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.




Great Start for a New Troop and Quest Club

Submitted by Amy Chartier, Troop #344

First activity for new troop #344 of Frontier Girls and Frontiersmen in Aroostook County, Maine! We volunteered at the food pantry- broke down boxes, sanded areas and painted, weeded the flower bed and stocked shelves. One 9 year old was weeding next to me and said, "I love Frontier Girls; we really do things!" This week we are sewing our vests and working on the sewing badge.

 344 community service344 community service 2








Best Youth Float!

submitted by Amanda Knutson Clark, Troop #297

Our Troop (#297, Ridgefield, WA) won Best Youth Organization Float in the Fourth of July Parade! Woohoo!

297 parade












Special Olympics USA Letters of Encouragement Project


Special Olympics Letter Writing Campaign