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kerry faceA Note From the Founder

March 4th each year is a day of action when Frontier Girls “March Forth” across the nation to spread the word about our program and learn about other Frontier Girls around the country.  Girls participate in activities and projects with national themes to honor their sister Frontier Girls in other regions and states. March 4th (Forth!) not only gives girls a chance to celebrate inter-state or county friendships, but is also a reminder that they are part of a nationwide community.

The date March 4th  was chosen as it is also the date that the first American Congress convened, marking the beginning of America as we know it today as they prepared to “march forth” as a nation.

Ideas for celebrating the day:

  • March Forth! and take action by participating in a community service project on March 4th that demonstrates a character march 4thtrait that Frontier Girls promotes.
  • Wear your Frontier Girls uniform to school or around town for the day
  • Make flyers or posters to advertise your troop and try to recruit new members to Frontier Girls.
  • Earn the March 4th badge
  • Earn the SWAPs badge
  • Make a presentation to your school or church about Frontier Girls
  • Tell a friend about Frontier Girls




New Badges We've Added!

Click on the badge to be taken to the requirements page.

comic booksobstacle courseappalachian trailclean language







paintingdipsfairy gardenpudding










contest logoFebruary Logo Contest Winner!

The winner of our February Logo contest is Brandy Thomas of Troop 505!
We hope you enjoy your $10 Frontier Girls gift card!

We will be doing another logo contest for the month of March. It will be starting
Friday, March 4th. Check our Facebook page or homepage for more details!




mailPointers for Patriots

The Postal Service offers free Mili-Kits that contain all the supplies needed for shipping items to military members overseas. Inquire at your local post office for more information.






aubreyGirl of the Month - Aubrey Scholle, Otter Pioneer

Congratulations to Aubrey Scholle who just earned her WOW! award as an Otter. She has earned 121 Pins as an Otter. This is her first WOW award.  Earning awards has been a great pastime for her. She started Frontier Girls at the age of 4 and she has never looked back. She was in Troop 172 in Maryland and is now a Pioneer in Elyria Ohio. Aubrey earned her GEM award at both the Penguin and Otter levels. She volunteers her time at a local soup kitchen monthly.  Her favorite pins to earn have been Candle Making, Yoga, Junior Ranger Mammoth Cave, and Olympics. Her favorite camp was our Fruits of the Spirit camp, where she earned her Fruits of the Spirit award as an Otter.


beth pageantSupport One of Our Own!

Beth Vicory is an outstanding young lady who participates in a wide variety of activities. She has been a member of Frontier Girls since she joined  as a third grade Dolphin in September 2011. She has helped write a number of badges and was the first girl to earn three WOW! Awards in one age level. Beth has autism, but she loves traveling and learning about everything in the world, and doing any fun thing she encounters.  Beth participates in a number of sports, from horseback riding, rock climbing, and surfing to archery and ice skating; creates textile arts such as weaving on a variety of looms, spinning wool into yarn, and making bobbin lace. She is a member of a sign language choir, and a Lead Ambassador for The Million Misfit Sock March Anti-bullying Initiative. One of her new favorite activities is pageants. 

Beth started participating  in pageants two years ago when she competed in the Arizona Miss Amazing program. she has competed at the state level multiple times and now has the opportunity to compete in the National Miss Amazing pageant in June in Chicago, Illinois, as the new Arizona Miss Amazing Junior Teen Queen 2016.  The Miss Amazing pageant is a pageant created especially for girls who have developmental disabilities, such as autism.  Each girl participates in a private interview with judges, an onstage introduction, and evening gown walk. They also have the opportunity to perform a talent,  in which Beth performs a tall flag twirling routine.  
The pageant is a great opportunity for girls to practice communicating with others on an individual level, and to gain confidence in public speaking and stage presence.  Beth uses her crown as a platform to promote anti-bullying and autism awareness, and speaks to both schoolchildren and adult groups about these subjects. Beth also enjoys the opportunity to share about Frontier Girls each time she is invited to an event. She always lists her prestigious awards such as Liberty Award, Make a Difference Award, and Sapphire Award in her introduction, leading people to inquire about them. Beth is excited to have the opportunity to travel somewhere new and, of course, to represent her state in the national pageant.
Beth is now working hard to raise the funds to go the national pageant. The projected costs of traveling to the national pageant are approximately four thousand dollars for all expenses, including travel, lodging, and new clothes needed because this girl has grown a little bit taller!  If you would like to support Beth in her goal to compete at the national pageant, you can make a donation in a variety of ways.  You can go to and make a tax-deductible donation towards the registration and hotel expenses (be sure to list Arizona Queen Beth Vicory as the recipient!)  or you can go to  and donate to the airfare, clothing and other travel expenses, which is approximately two-thirds of the costs. Sponsors of greater than $100 will be listed in the national pageant program book.


Here are some SWAPS we have received so far! We love how creative our members are. Remember that if you send us one of your SWAPS, we will mail each member of your troop one in return. Our address is:
426 Franciscan Trail
Redding, CA 96003



Far left: Jacob Ouellette of Quest Clubs made small fishing kits that can be made to fit your fishing needs. They represent his love of fishing.

Middle: 7-year-old Pioneers Kale and Jazmyn live on a Navy base in Sasebo, Japan. They chose special charms that represent the food and culture of Japan, including a white cat, sushi roll, navy anchor and monkey charm.

Far right: Otter Anastasia Andriso put shells and sea glass in a bottle from beaches where she lives. She also included a cross because she likes to go to church, and an artist charm because she is very artistic.


12717572_10153872444271257_8076999141036487701_nFrontier Girls in the Media

Congratulations to Troop 234 for being featured in their local newspaper! They hosted their second annual free game night to collect food, toiletries and money for a local organization that helps families and individuals in times of crisis. In preparation for the game night, the girls worked on their Generosity badge. They also donated toys and food to the organization. At the next meeting, the girls earned their Thankfulness badge by making cards to thank the sponsors of the event.
(Thank you to Jodie Amiot for sharing this on our Facebook group!)




abby olsonScholarships Deadline Is Approaching - Apply by April 1st!

Frontier Girls offers three annual continuing education scholarship awards for girls ages 16-22 and the deadline for applying for this year is rapidly approaching. All applications must be received by April 1st, 2016 and the scholarships are awarded in May. These scholarships are not traditional college scholarships and can be used for any type of continuing education, including college tuition, vocational schools, special classes or seminars, educational equipment (computers, cameras, etc.) or even travel. Our goal is to encourage girls to continue to learn new things and explore the world around them even if it is not within a traditional school system.


Abby Olson Award – $1,000 Continuing Education Scholarship

Abby Olson (Troop #101 in Redding, CA) holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn both the Diamond Gem Award and the WOW! Award at the Eagle Level. She also managed to earn all nine Major Awards before graduating. Abby is one of the founding members of the very first Frontier Girls troop, #101, and has played an active role in the development of the overall Frontier Girls program over the years. In 2010, at age 14, Abby came to work at Frontier Girls headquarters as our shipping and production manager. In 2012, she advanced to the office to become our office manager, taking care of bookkeeping, website management and staff training. Frontier Girls will be awarding the Abby Olson Award on an annual basis to the girl who we feel best follows in Abby’s footsteps.

1. Must be at least 16 years old and may not be older than 22.
2. Must be a registered Frontier Girl. Extra points are given to girls for each year of membership.
3. Must have earned either the Diamond or Gray Diamond Award

To apply, go to:

Charlotte Duke Award – $500 Continuing Education Scholarship

Charlotte Duke (Troop #109 in Hawkins, TX)  holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn the Diamond Gem Award as well as all 9 Major Awards. Before graduating, she also earned her Eagle level WOW! Award. In addition to earning more than 100 badges at the Eagle level, Charlotte has also written several dozen badges over the years for the program as a whole. She has also spent a lot of time finding resource sites for many of our badges to share with other members.  Charlotte has been an integral part of the Frontier Girls program and corresponds frequently with Frontier Girls headquarters to make contributions and suggestions to the program. She is an amazingly diligent and creative young lady.  Frontier Girls will be awarding the Charlotte Duke Award on an annual basis to the girl who we feel best follows in Charlotte’s footsteps.

1. Must be at least 16 years old and may not be older than 22.
2. Must be a registered Frontier Girl. Extra points are given to girls for each year of membership.
3. Must have earned either the Diamond or Gray Diamond Award

To apply, go to:

Megan Lundquist Award – $500 Continuing Education Scholarship

Megan Lundquist (Troop #159 in Colorado Springs, CO) holds the honor of being the first Frontier Girl to earn the Eagle level WOW! award for earning 100+ badges. In addition, by the time she graduated, she also earned her Diamond Gem Award as well as 5 of the Major Awards. Megan was also the first Frontier Girl to make the transition from girl member to leader. Megan is a wonderful role model for the girls in her troop and puts forth her best effort in everything she accomplishes. Frontier Girls will be awarding the Megan Lundquist Award on an annual basis to the girl who we feel best follows in Megan’s footsteps.

1. Must be at least 16 years old and may not be older than 22.
2. Must be a registered Frontier Girl. Extra points are given to girls for each year of membership.
3. Must have earned the WOW! Award at the Eagle or Owl level.

To apply, go to: