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kerry faceA Note From the Founder - Girls Living Our Motto

by Kerry Cordy

The Frontier Girls motto is "If you see a need, take the lead" and it never ceases to amaze me how well the girls take this to heart.  My mother has moderate to severe Alzheimer's and the time needed to care for her has increased dramatically over the last 6 months.  One of my Eagles, Emily Granger, age 14 and pictured below, has been planning and prepping our meetings this year to save me some time.

Recently my mother has developed severe shaking spells that happen without notice and emmican last for hours.  As a result, I have had to cancel several Frontier Girls meetings with less than 2 hours notice.  The first couple meetings, the girls took in stride, knowing what I was dealing with, but by the third, rather than have me cancel, the older girls volunteered to step in.   Since Emily G. already planned and prepped the meetings she knew exactly what we would be doing and had no problem leading the badge work portion of the meeting. Emily B, age 16, has a key and the alarm code to the meeting room to open up and get things setup as well as close out properly.  Gloria, age 16, and her sister Christina, age 14, who have been in my troop for 9 years can lead flag ceremonies and such with their eyes closed.  Together, these 4 girls, along with a few committed parent chaperones, have stepped in to keep the troop running even when I can't be there.

Each of these girls have held multiple leadership positions within the troop and they know our troop mechanics as well as I do.  From leading songs and flag ceremonies to keeping the records and finances, they do it all.   It was a wonderful gift to see their leadership skills in action as they took it to the next level and actually ran troop meetings themselves.  You never know to what heights these girls can soar until suddenly an opportunity arises to take them to the next level.  These girls truly "saw a need and took the lead."

I encourage all leaders to let your girls lead as much as possible within your troop structure based on their age an abilities.  Challenge them to constantly grow those abilities and take on new tasks.  You never know when those skills your are teaching will be needed, so give your girls the chance to truly "take the lead!"


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The winner of our March contest is Megan Lundquist of Troop 159!
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20160329_200222Girl of the Month
Kara Simmons, Butterfly, Troop 122

Kara Simmons joined Troop 122 as an Otter in 2010. As an Otter she earned the Topaz Award. Her greatest challenge was the swimming requirement for Life Skills. As a Dolphin, she earned the Sapphire Award and WOW! Award.

Kara became a Butterfly in May 2015. She has earned at least 28 badges since then and 2 Servant's Hearts. Over the summer, Kara tackled her Butterfly Make a Difference project with Vacation Bible School at her church. She became manager of Donations and Borrowed Items. She was in charge of soliciting, collecting, returning, inventorying, and acknowledging items that were borrowed and donated for decoration and supplies for VBS. She led a team to publicize and collect. She labeled items, kept records, found storage for them, and led a team in returning the items and writing thank you notes. She then wrote good notes for the next person to do this task. Kara has even indicated she may do the task again next summer.

Kara's favorite things about Frontier Girls are friends, new knowledge, and sparkly awards. The Crochet badge is among her favorites from the last year. Kara counts meeting Kerry Cordy in 2014 among her favorite memories. She also enjoys periodic visits to a nearby police station that she adopted as her Dolphin Make a Difference project in 2013. Her parents are thankful with the challenges and opportunities that Frontier Girls provides for their whole family.



March Spotlight

What were our members up to last month?

st pattys day


Troop 345 took advantage of 4-H established activities by riding in a St. Patricks Day parade to show their Frontier Girls spirit!







dr seuss




Troop 101 celebrated Dr. Seuss Day with the seniors at their local senior home.
They had a book exchange, origami, Italian sodas, and a really cool photo booth.









candy necklace


Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs 210 made their own candy necklaces and then enjoyed some ice cream after their hard work!









A Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs homeschool co-op had a blast earning their chocolate badge! They made chocolate candy, fudge and taste tested various chocolates.










Troop 353 earned their Home Fire Safety badge by visiting their local fire station!










Troop 352 earned service heart hours by serving tables at a local restaurant to raise money for Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society! The girls raised $810 in tips!










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