Issue #60 - September 2016



kerry faceA Note From the Founder - New Newsletter Format

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New Badges We've Added!

Click on the badge to be taken to the requirements.

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girls of the month sept 2016Girls of the Month
Amelia & Madaline Thomas, Troop 505

These wonderful sisters from Troop 505 in Louisiana were nominated because they have been spending their time making sure that all law enforcement officers know how much we appreciate them. They came up with an idea to pass out prayer medals and prayer cards to local police officers to show how much they care and are praying for them. The medals and cards are kept in the familys van so they are available whenever they see an officer parked. The girls took some pictures with officers that went somewhat viral online, and Amelia responded this to one of the comments:

"I am proud to have been a Girl Scout for 3 years but now I am a Frontier Girl. I want all of the police officers to know that we worry about them because of the really mean people in the world. We pray for all the police officers for God to keep them safe so they can go home and be with their family. Police officers keep us safe and teach us the laws and the rules. I think you have to be very special to be a police officer and people forget to say thank you. If I give them a pray card and a medal they will always remember someone is praying for them." - Signed Mia T.

applesBadge of the Month - Apples!

As fall approaches, we thought it would be fun to choose Apples as our new Badge of the Month. There are so many great ways to earn this badge and we've included a meeting plan below to help you do so. It will be discounted in our store until the end of the month at $0.75. Make sure to share your fun apple creations with us in our Facebook group!




Meeting Plan

Opening Activity

Make apple print place-mats or pictures to donate to Meals on Wheels or another charity. (10 mins) (optional requirements 8 & 9)

Flag Ceremony

Present the colors, Pledge and Promise. (5 mins)

Group Time

Make simple apple turnovers (you can use Pilsbury Grands Biscuits or we have linked a recipe below) (30 mins) (optional requirement 5)

Snack Time

Try at least six different kinds of apples with dip. Learn how to keep them from turning brown while you prepare the snack. (20 mins) (Penguin - Owl requirement 1; optional requirement 17)

Circle Time

Suggestions include:

  • Discuss the life cycle of an apple
  • Learn about Johnny Appleseed (read a short book, watch a short film, etc)
  • Locate apple regions on a map
  • Learn an apple song or poem
  • Discuss what types of vitamins and minerals are found in apples and how they are beneficial

(30 mins) (Penguin - Butterfly requirement 2; optional requirement 12)

Closing Activity

Wrap up the turnovers to take home. (5 mins)

NOTES: Take a field trip to an apple orchard or your county fair if possible. (Optional requirements 4 or 11)

Helpful Websites

25 Different Kinds of Apples - and the Tasty Benefits of Each

Life Cycle of an Apple

Preschool Apple Songs

Johnny Appleseed Biography

Apple Turnover Recipe - Betty Crocker



Order our Starfish Pin for your volunteers!starfish

As we head into another school year, a lot of troop leaders are going to be receiving assistance from volunteers or parents. Make sure to order them our Starfish level pin to show how much you appreciate their help and support!




leader in training pinCheck out our new Leader in Training Pin!

We've added a new pin to our store! We hope you love the new design on our Leader in Training pin as much as we do. Order it now!





medievalScout Appreciation Days!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC is hosting Scout Appreciation Days at the Castle again this upcoming year! The matinee show features the ancient ‘Code of Chivalry’ and how it relates to being a good citizen in modern-day life. It teaches the importance of being trustworthy, helpful, courteous, and kind to others – despite their differences or their position in life. Afterward, you and your scouts will witness a Medieval tournament while enjoying a feast fit for a King!

Visit our blog post for show dates, contact information, and more!



Caspio Tracking System Update


We are continuing to add to and improve our new Caspio tracking program which will eventually be used to track all members, badges, awards, etc. The basics are up and running, but we will be adding new features constantly over the next year, so check back often. As you begin to use the new computerized tracking, please let us know of any bugs or problems that you have so that we can fix them as soon as possible. If you have suggestions on how to improve or add to the programs, we are interested in those too. Contact us at the email above with the subject line "Caspio."

If you have not yet tried the system, go to the Members Area of the website and on the right hand Members Menu you will see a link for Caspio Badge/Award Tracking. Click on it and sign into the Caspio system. This is a separate system than our website and we recommend registering with the same user name and password as you did for the website to make it easy to remember. There are 2 sections of programs, one for girls and parents and one for leaders.

Currently the following programs are up and running for girls and parents:

Reports and Update Forms:

Family Badge Tracking and Update Form

Used to see what badges your daughter has been working on at home and to update those badges with added requirements. Bulk updates for badges completed, ordered, received, etc. can be done by clicking on the Grid Edit button on the top left side of the page.

Servant's Heart Detail Report and Update Form

Shows all details for service each girl has completed within a certain date range.

Servant's Heart Total Hours Report

Shows total hours by age level within a specified date range.

Life Skills Family Report and Update

Use this link to add to and update your initial submission for Life Skills requirements.

The following programs are up and running for Leaders:
Reports and Update Forms:

View Girl's Names as They Appear For Tracking

This report shows all the girls names as used as a unique identifier combined with your troop number for all tracking purposes.

Troop Roster

Shows all girls currently registered in your troop along with their membership status and contact information. If information is incorrect, please notify the Frontier Girls office so that it can be corrected on our main system.

Badge Report and Update

Used to see the badges your troop has worked on and to update or add to the information entered. This report will also show which badges the girls have been working on at home. The report can be sorted by clicking on the column heading you wish to sort by and can be bulk updated by clicking on the Grid Edit link at the top left side of the page. Run the report for a single girl, single level, or the whole troop.

Servant's Heart Detail Report and Update Form

Shows all service records and allows them to be updated if necessary

Servant's Heart Total Hours Report

Shows the total number of hours each girl has completed within a certain date range as well as total troop hours

Life Skills Troop Report and Update

This report may be run for a single girl, single level, or for all members of the troop. Use the details link next to each record to update and make changes to the record when new requirements have been completed.