A Note From the Founder

by Kerry Cordy

Wow!  I cannot believe that 10 years has gone by so quickly.  Who knew back in 2007 just how much we would grow.  When I first started Frontier Girls it was never meant to be anything more than my little troop, but people found out about what we were doing and wanted to join us, so we kept adding more troops.  The first several years were spent simply writing the programming, sourcing products, and figuring out what worked and what didn’t.   There were only a few dozen troops back then and we all worked together to create a program that was flexible enough to meet the needs of all involved.   It wasn’t until 2013 that Frontier Girls really started to take off and grow and now we are averaging roughly 50 new troops each year.  Even as we grow, Frontier Girls remains a grassroots community where everyone has a voice and the program continues to improve with the additions and suggestions sent in by our members.  I cannot thank you all enough for everything you have done to help build this wonderful program!


10th Birthday Photo Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate our 10th birthday, Frontier Girls is organizing a HUGE photo scavenger hunt.  The Frontier Girls 10th Birthday Scavenger Hunt is a points based scavenger hunt where you submit photos of you or your troop doing crazy challenges and amazing acts of kindness.  Completion of all challenges is not needed nor expected.   The idea is to earn as many points as possible in the time allotted and to have FUN!  Bonus points are assigned for items completed with creativity and amazing photography or stories.  It is easier to earn more points by doing a few items really well then by completing all the items, but with poor results so choose your challenges wisely. 

Both a winning troop and a winning Pioneer will be announced at the end of the event.  Winners will receive a custom Frontier Girls 10th Birthday Scavenger Hunt Winner t-shirt, a Frontier Girl grocery bag, Frontier Girl bumper sticker, Frontier Girl magnet set, a Frontier Girl old logo patch and a new logo patch.

Visit our Scavenger Hunt page for full rules and details by clicking here.


Facebook Giveaway!

We are giving away a huge variety of our brand new logo items (plus some additional goodies) over on our Facebook page! You have until the end of January to participate. This is our biggest giveaway ever! Don’t miss out!

To enter, all you have to do is:

  • Like us on Facebook  
  • Share the giveaway post
  • Comment on the post

Visit our Facebook page for more information:


January Sales!

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Retired Logo Items on Clearance!

We are rolling out brand new items with our new Frontier Girls logo, which means any merchandise with our old logo will be on clearance until we sell out. Once these items are gone, they’re gone forever so order now!

25% Off New Merchandise!

This includes mugs, tote bags, bumper stickers, etc. In celebration of our 10th birthday we are discounting all new logo merchandise in our store for the month of January!



The Frontier Girls program began with only 80 badges. To date, we have thousands of possible badges to earn in nine different Areas of Discovery!


New Badges Added

Cookies, Glitz and Glam and Learn About Cabbage Patch Kids






Girl of the Month - Hannah Lundquist - Eagle Troop #159

“I want to nominate Hannah Lundquist for Frontier Girl of the month. Hannah is an amazing example to all of our girls. She is extremely helpful in the meetings getting the Penguins to focus and pay attention. She is also the hardest worker that I have ever known. At the family campout in July, Hannah spent at least 2 hours at the lake helping with the kayaks getting the kids on and off safely. She also helped with archery and swimming. Hannah always has her tent set up and helps the rest of the troop with their gear. At the Butterfly/Eagle campout, she set up the camp sight, cooked, did dishes and anything that she needed to help out. She always sacrifices her own fun to care for the kids in the troop. Earlier this month we volunteered at Crossfire Ministries to prepare the food for the Thanksgiving boxes. Hannah lifted at least 20 bags of 50 pounds each of rice to fill the boxes for the younger girls to measure into 2 cup bags. Several of the volunteers were asking her to help them, even asking what troop we were with. I was very proud of her and the hard work that she completed. I am thankful for Hannah and the good example that she is for all the girls in the troop!” – Lauretta Russell

Hannah's accomplishments:

At Butterfly Level

  • Emerald Award
  • WOW! Award
  • Major in Knowledge, Character & the World
  • 23 Servant’s Hearts

At Eagle Level

  • Make a Difference Award
  • 2 WOW! Awards
  • Major in the Outdoors, Agriculture, Home & Science and Technology
  • Discovery, Leadership & Liberty Award
  • 12 Servant’s Hearts


We Are Coming to Pennsylvania!

On Saturday, March 11, 2017, Kerry and Sara will be attending an event hosted by Troop 351 in Schuylkill Haven, PA. It will be held at Schuylkill Haven Island Park, lasting from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.

The event is a Living History: American Flag Education and Retirement Ceremony. It will include Mary Pickersgill, General Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War Soldiers, and a WWI Doughboy.

Saving Hallowed Ground will be bringing their 20' x 30' foot flag, in memorial to the centennial of WWI. The public will be unfolding their flag and learning how to re-fold the flag. Additionally, a local choir group will be singing patriotic songs, and a local daycare will bring their children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The Antebellum Marine Band will also be playing throughout the event.  It will be filled with historic teachings, educational resources, and games. The evening will conclude with a flag retirement ceremony and the playing of TAPS.

We are hoping to connect with as many Frontier Girls troops and Pioneers as possible (as well as any Quest Clubs) while we are there. Currently there are several troops attending, but if anyone else would like to join us, the more the merrier. We will also be doing a bit of site seeing a day or two before or after the ceremony if anyone would like to join us in our adventures. We have no specific plans yet as much will depend on whether we can find host families to put us up and if so, where they are located. If you are interested in hosting Kerry and Sara for a night, please let us know! We are also looking for a list of "must see" sites located within a couple of hours of Schuylkill Haven. If your troop is nearby and you are unable to attend the event, but would still like us to visit, please let us know and we will do our best to see your troop while we are in town. Looking forward to meeting as many PA members as possible! If you live in another state and are willing to make the drive, we look forward to meeting you as well!



Texas has the highest number of Frontier Girls troops, with 18 active troops currently. Pennsylvania comes in second, with 14 active troops.



If you would like to participate in our annual SWAPS, please register by January 31st via the link below!

March 4th is a day of action when Frontier Girls “March Forth” across the nation to spread the word about our program and learn about other Frontier Girls around the country. Girls participate in activities and projects with national themes to honor their sister Frontier Girls in other regions and states. March 4th (Forth!) not only gives girls a chance to celebrate inter-state or county friendships, but is also a reminder that they are part of a nationwide community. The date March 4th was chosen as it is also the date that the first American Congress convened, marking the beginning of America as we know it today as they prepared to “march forth” as a nation. SWAPS are small craft items that can be pinned for display somewhere on a jacket, a backpack, a sash, or a scarf and is a perfect way for girls to meet each other and promote friendship. Each SWAP item is a memory of a special event or of a Sister in Frontier Girls and stands for “Souvenir With A Purpose,” “Some Whatchamacallit Pinned Somewhere,” “Switch With A Pal,” or any other acronym you can come up with. Each swap should have a safety pin on the item to attach to your display. Search for "SWAPS" images and ideas on the Internet or Pinterest to get ideas for your troop/family. SWAPS should represent your troop, family, or geographical area in some way.

Register HERE:


Leader Appreciation Day:

February 20, 2017

Show your leader how much you appreciate them this coming February. This date was chosen as it is the birthday of Sandy Yearwood, the inspiration for Frontier Girls.

Ideas to celebrate include:

  • Hold a special ceremony to celebrate your leaders and volunteers
  • Make thank you gifts or cards
  • Create a thank you banner and hang it at your meeting place


5 Year Anniversary Leaders!

We would like to recognize the following leaders for participating in our program for over 5 years – a huge accomplishment! (The average troop lasts about 3 years).



Sylvia Duke - Troop #109 (Second oldest troop other that the original founding troop and in its 9th year!)




Elisabeth Simmons | Troop 122





Karen Britton | Troop 144





Deborah Weaver | Troop 152





Katie Lundquist | Troop 159





Sharon Wheeler | Troop 160



Not Pictured:

Meliah Lindsay | Troop 127

Brenda Talbott | Troop 137

Valerie Rothan | Troop 148

Sara Parker | Troop 157



Troop 109 came up with the concept of the Penguin level in 2009, well before it was an established level in the Frontier Girls program in 2012!


Where Are They Now?

We interviewed some of the members from the first ever Frontier Girls Troop established back in 2007! Here is where we found them today:

Lydia Fookes | Otter Age 6, Now Age 16

          Looking back, it’s hard to believe that was me, the youngest member of Troop 101, hosting the very first meetings in our living room! During the seven years I was involved in Frontier Girls I made some of my fondest memories and friends.  Today, I’m living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with my parents and four younger siblings. I’m in my sophomore year of high school and someday I would love to be a Christian writer and speaker. I love anything music related, and I currently sing and play piano. These days I can frequently be found working busily on my blog at where the goal is to encourage other young ladies (as well as myself) to “be/become Christ’s radiant light in a world of darkness.”  Drop in some time, I would love to meet you and hear what you are up to!  




Frontier Girls used blue polo shirts instead of white shirts as part of their uniform when the program first began.


Elizabeth Cervantes | Eagle Age 14, Now Age 24

          Elisabeth received her B.A. in liberal arts from Thomas Aquinas College, a top-ranked liberal arts school located in southern California. Immediately upon graduating, she began an internship on the editorial board of the San Diego Union Tribune. She spent a year thereafter teaching middle school in Arizona, and then switched to pursuing her passion for writing full-time. She was hired as a staff writer for Ballotpedia, the encyclopedia of American politics, and presently works there covering school board elections and education policy. Elisabeth's work has also been featured in publications such as the Imaginative Conservative, the San Diego Union Tribune, and the Intercollegiate Review, where she serves as a part-time editor. 

          Besides her involvement in writing and editing, Elisabeth was blessed to marry her husband, Jesse, in 2015, and to be a mother to their six-month-old daughter, Adelaide. They now live in Phoenix, Arizona.


Amy Light | Otter Age 6, Now Age 16

          I graduated May 31, 2016 at the age of 16. I am now 17 and am the secretary for the City Church. I am very involved with my church. I am the youth worship leader as well as a pianist for the worship team. I am planning on interning at a youth camp next summer, but until then I'm working and am trying to go to wherever God has called me.




Emma Giesecke | Otter Age 7, Now Age 17

Happy 10th Anniversary, Frontier Girls!

          I just turned seven when I began Frontier Girls. I can confidently say that those many years creating and learning in Troop 101 will be my fondest memories.  Many of my day to day activities still reflect the skills and values that I was taught and exposed to during my years with Frontier Girls.  I was mentored to appreciate this country and the men and women that have sacrificed everything for my freedom.  These things, along with important Christian values, I developed a true spirit of patriotism.  I was taught that when I see a need, to take the lead, to stand up for what’s right, and to always show kindness no matter how small the act.

          I’m now almost seventeen and so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this life changing organization.  I would highly recommend Frontier Girls for any young woman that is striving to make a difference in her world.

Kristine Cordy | Otter Age 7, Now Age 17

          Kristine is a junior in high school and the design editor for her school’s year book.  She is passionate about graphic design and spends much of her day working on artwork in various mediums.  She is planning to go on to college to get a business degree and work in the media or game design fields.




Abby Olson | Dolphin Age 11, Now Age 21

          I am currently a piano performance and piano pedagogy major at The Master’s University. Life is exciting at the moment, I just completed a half hour-long piano recital as one of the requirements for my major. I am looking forward to this summer because one of the choirs I am involved in is taking their annual choir tour abroad to Israel and Italy. Ever since I was a child I have wanted to travel, and since starting school here I have had the opportunity to travel to Alaska, Albania, Croatia, and now, Israel and Italy! I am deeply involved in the music department at my school and am loving every opportunity I have to work with musicians, both student and career. I haven’t entirely decided what I will be doing with my degree, there are lots of options. Currently, the option that I am most heavily considering is a graduate degree in either Piano Pedagogy, or Collaborative Keyboard. I am so excited for the future and I can’t wait to continue learning.


Katie Cordy | Dolphin Age 10, Now Age 20

Katie is currently a junior at Chico State University studying to be an elementary school teacher.  She works at Bird in Hand, a gift/toy store that is also home to a yoyo museum and the world’s largest wooden yoyo.  Katie spends her free time reading and playing with her snake, Virgil, or out wandering the woods.  She is also an aspiring author and artist who hopes to publish her first trilogy of books by her 30th birthday.




Gloria Helmbold | Otter Age 6, Now Age 16

I’m currently still in troop 101 and am still loving Frontier Girls. One of my hobbies is music. I am currently practicing alto saxophone, piano, tin whistle, recorder and attempting harmonica. Until I reached age 12 though, I thought I hated music. Then I began alto saxophone and musical ambitions have been blossoming ever since. Another thing you must know about me is that I am a voracious reader. Recently, I reread The Lord of the Rings, enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, and started a series called Keepers of the Lost Cities. The library is my absolute favorite place to visit. I love words and everything related to them: jokes, puns and writing. Last November I participated in National Novel Writing Month, and started writing my first book, a mystery. Finally, a huge part of my high school life right now is volunteering at a museum called Turtle Bay Exploration Park. I am working in the Animal Care section, and my duties include washing dishes, giving rules, and cleaning enclosures. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, (No I didn’t) I am also handling animals! My favorite animal to hang out with is Cricket, a barn owl. At Turtle Bay, they have taught me how to work with birds, reptiles, and guests. This is my junior year in school and, though I am homeschooled, it has accumulated a vast number of activities and places to be. However, there will always be room in my schedule for Frontier Girls, and what it has taught me to stand for: To love God, be loyal to my country and to love my neighbor as myself.



Abby Olson was the inspiration behind the WOW! Award.  She set a goal to earn every badge we had, which was about 80 at the time, but when we kept adding more every month she saw her goal getting farther and farther out of reach.  Instead we came up with the WOW! Award for girls like Abby who LOVE to earn badges!