April 2012 - Issue #8

Note From the Founder - Order Badges EARLY!

Where is the time going?!  Here we are in April and the school year is getting close to the end.  Most troops conduct their Award Ceremony somewhere around the end of May or early June.  Because of this, Frontier Girls gets swamped with badge orders in the month of May.  Please remember that all our badges are handmade upon demand, and not just sitting in inventory waiting to get shipped.  Orders can take up to a week to ship and in May may take up to two.  Please order any badges you need for end of year ceremonies at least three weeks prior to when you need them.  We cannot guarantee rush orders at this time of year and want to make sure that everyone has the badges they need for their events.


Jamboree Canceled

I am sorry to say that our first annual Jamboree has been canceled.  My apologies to those of you who hoped to attend. Because our members are spread around the country, my plan had been to host the event on my property to make it as cost effective for everyone as possible.  By hosting it on Cordy's Pond, I could afford to provide tents, portable toilets, solar showers, and all food and supplies for only $100 per person for all 4 days, leaving just the travel costs as an addition.

When full, my pond is usually a good three acres with plenty of room to swim, canoe, and fish.  Unfortunately we have not had any rain this year and my dock is still on partially dry ground (only about 2 feet higher than the picture to the right).  While we have had drought years before, the lowest I ever remember starting a summer season was still a good 5 feet above where we are now.  By the end of June when I hoped to host the Jamboree, my pond will look more like a mud puddle at this rate and will be even lower than the picture to the right.  With temperatures easily over 100 degrees at this time of year, and limited facilities, I do not feel comfortable hosting an event of this type unless we have somewhere to swim and cool off.

We had a wonderful offer from the leader of a local troop to use her property, but the liability risk is too high, and if I were to purchase extra insurance for the event, it would raise the cost for everyone by a considerable amount.   With only about 8 confirmed people planning to attend, it is not worth the time and money to try to find another location for this year, so unfortunately we will have to cancel.

I still hope to have a Jamboree out here next year and will look into back up plans in case of another drought.  If you are interested in attending, keep the last weekend in June 2013 open and start your fund raising for travel costs now.  More information will be coming in September.


New Badges Now Available

Ice Cream, Historic Era (specific to each era), Ziplining, Human Body, and Conservation.








Girl of the Month- Elizabeth Vicoryosmanson - Dolphin, Pioneer, AZ

In honor of April, which is Autism Awareness month, our girl of the month is Elizabeth Vicoryosmanson, a very special Frontier Girl from Arizona.  I had the honor of meeting with Elizabeth, and both her mom and grandmother, in February, and they are as wonderful in person as they appear in their many posts, emails, and other communications.

The CDC says that 1 in 88 American children has autism.  Elizabeth is that one, and she goes to school with another 6.  Elizabeth might be different, but as her mother says, "Normal is just another setting on the dryer."  Suzanne, Elizabeth's mom, believes that her child can do anything and gives Elizabeth every opportunity to fulfill her dreams.  Since joining Frontier Girls last September, Elizabeth has earned more than 70 badges and has set a goal to earn her WOW award in just one year.  I have no doubt that she will accomplish that goal.  Several Frontier Girls from around the country have helped Elizabeth collect postcards for her postcard badge and are now sending stamps for her stamp collecting badge.  Personally, I just shipped her some sand for her collecting badge as well.

Suzanne quickly discovered that with Elizabeth's tendency to focus very tightly on a specific subject, the variety of Frontier Girls badges worked wonderfully to target that interest and give it somewhere to grow.  Regardless of what piques Elizabeth's interest, if there isn't already a badge written, Suzanne has no problem jumping in and writing a badge for others to use as well.  As you surf through our badges, you will find a variety submitted by Suzanne Vicoryosmanon to the delight of her daughter.

Elizabeth had the honor recently of representing the autistic community as their ambassador at the Arizona Centennial.   She got to meet with the mayor of Pheonix and help present awards to the centenarians.  She also rides horses for the Special Olympics, is a top fundraiser for the Horses with H.E.A.R.T. Equine therapy program, and helps a variety of charities around town.  Most recently Elizabeth and her mom put together about a dozen Easter baskets to give to kids in their community.

In spite of her Autism, Elizabeth is a bright, happy, motivated child who is very active in her community.  It is my honor to count her among our members and she is a shining example of what a Frontier Girl should be.


Support A Soldier

For those of your who have been waiting for information on the Support A Soldier Program, our contact is finally back over in Afghanistan. Colonel Raymond Powell of the Air Force has graciously offered to act as our liason and distribute our care packages to soldiers at the various bases he is in contact with.   If you are interested in sending care packages to our men and women serving overseas, please visit our Support a Soldier page and then email Frontier Girls and we will send you the address to ship to.  (We do not post shipping addresses on public pages for the protection of our soldiers.)











Local Activities

Colorado Campout:   Troops, Patriots & Pioneers: We are looking to plan a camping trip this summer. If you’re interested in meeting up, please email me so we can start planning! – Katie, Troop 159 (Colorado Springs)

Fairy Hunt in Northern California – Join us for the 6th Annual Fairy Hunt at Cordy’s Pond.  April 14, from Noon-2:00pm at Cordy’s Pond, 17040 Austin Lane, Cottonwood, CA  We will be hunting for fairy jewels and treasure, making fairy crafts, eating fairy snacks, and hiking to collect wildflowers (if it every decides to rain so they wil grow….).  You can view pictures of last year’s Fairy Hunt on the Frontier Girls Facebook page.


Tips and Treasures

From Lori Sims:  Terra Cycle is a company that takes recycle-able items and reuses them.     Every item you turn in gives your brigade points to be used for charitable organizations or as products.  Here is the link that explains this program more.  We are using this program for both points and donations.


My apologies to Katrina Amen, Butterfly, Troop #101 for not including her essay in the contest last month.  I accidentally put it in the wrong file.  Please read her winning entry below for "The Most Fun Thing You Have Done in Frontier Girls."

The most fun thing I have done in Frontier Girls so far is the day we worked on the Juicing badge. My mom and I wrote the badge, and our troop earned it. We had so much fun! We watched some videos about juicing, and organic foods. Each girl put a fruit or veggie in the juicer and pushed down on it to watch it turn into juice. When we tried our creations, sometimes we liked them, and others we didn’t like as much. One time we put in an orange with the rind on it and a few other things. The oranges weren't quite ready yet, so that one was really sour, but really good at the same time. We tried some muffins and brownies made from the pulp. Also, we tried the “Champion” juicer to make frozen banana sorbet. It was just bananas, but they were really creamy! Then we added a few frozen strawberries. And even though that was just strawberries, it tasted like strawberry ice cream! One of the other things we did was talk about the different boosts you can blend with your juice to make it healthier. The last thing we did was use a hand cranked wheatgrass juicer and tried some of the juice. Just a tiny bit was very strong! That was the most fun thing I have done in Frontier Girls!


April Contest - Write a poem about something you learned about or did in Frontier Girls.  All poems must be emailed to no later than April 30 and must include your name, level, troop 3 (or Pioneer) and your mailing address.  One winner will be selected from each age level and the winner will receive $5.







Winners from the March photography contest, "My Favorite Thing About Spring":






Penguin:  No entry





Otter: Hailey Bennison, Pioneer troop 100











Dolphin:  Lydia Fookes, Troop #101


















Butterfly:  Emily Lundquist, Troop 159














Eagle:  Megan Lundquist, Troop 159