Issue #80 - May 2018


A Note From the Founder - Fall Price Increase

by Kerry Cordy

After much deliberation,  Frontier Girls is being forced to raise prices for the first time in eleven years.  With higher product costs, new minimum wage laws, and more expensive county taxes thanks to our move, prices must be raised slightly to keep up with our increased costs and to be able to offer new awards.  I know many troops and families are on tight budgets though, so I am trying to make the transition as easy as possible.  The new membership fees will be $29 per girl or $58 per family and will take effect on September 1, 2018.  Troop fees will remain unchanged.  For those who purchase an automatically renewing subscription via Paypal, or already have one in place, prior to September 1, your membership cost will be grandfathered in at the original $25 per girl or $50 per family.  If your membership lapses at any time, or your Paypal information is not kept up to date causing you to skip a payment, you will need to purchase a new membership at the current cost.  All paper registrations postmarked after Aug. 30 will also be at the new registration price, so get your registrations in early if you still want the current price for another year using paper registrations  (expiration dates on current accounts will still be extended to one year from the date of current expiry).  

Prices for badges will also be increasing as of Sept. 1 and will be $1.10 per badge.  The annual January Badge Sale will still be occurring and we will mark badges back down to $.99 for the month of January, so please plan accordingly.  Keep in mind that badges are made on demand and may not be returned, so only purchase what you know your girls will actually earn.

IMPORTANT!  Please throw out any old forms that you may have as in addition to the price change, our offices have moved and old forms will go to the wrong address with no guarantee we will receive them.  Send all future registrations, orders and correspondence to:

          Frontier Girls LLC

          20845 Gregory Lane

          Redding, CA 96003


The increased revenue from this price increase will allow us to keep up with badge demand and keep our processing and shipping times at the speeds to which our customers have become accustomed.  This money will also allow us to purchase new inventory and offer several new awards this fall such as higher awards for Career Exploration and S.T.E.A.M. as well as our new 500+ Award for Owls.   Read future newsletters for more information on upcoming awards.


New Badges Added This Month

College Prep, Upcycling






Bright Idea Award Recipients - Makayla Russel, Cassie Jensen, Amanda Piccirillo

by Kerry Cordy

Bright Idea Awards are something I send to individuals who show me not only a need for an addition to the Frontier Girls  program, but help me implement it as well.  Frontier Girls is very much a grassroots program and while I get tons of suggestions and ideas sent in, it takes a special person to not only convince me that the need is great enough for a change or addition to the program, but puts forth a plan to make it happen as well.  Bright Idea awards are for more than simply helping to write a badge or newsletter submission, they are awarded only for substantial changes to our program for the better.  Makayla Russell, a Butterfly of troop #159, convinced me of the need to add some awards only available to older girls so that ambitious girls like her would have something to look forward to when they got older.  She wrote the majority of the requirements for the new Outdoors Award as well as submitted several other award ideas complete with a long list of requirements, one of which was changed into a new badge called College Prep.   Cassie Jensen and Amanda Piccirillo have both earned several hundred badges at the Owl level and showed me a need for a 500+ badges earned award so they could reduce the number of WOW! Awards on their vests and consolidate them.  As a result, the new Super Star Award will be available by September.



New Higher Awards This Fall

by Kerry Cordy

September 1, 2018 Frontier Girls will be adding several new awards to our program.  

Super Star Award for 500+ Badges Earned at the Owl level or taught at the Leader level.  This award will be available to Owls and Leaders only as these members do not age out of their current level and lifetime badge and award accumulations can become unwieldy.  A Super Star Award is worn in place of five WOW! Awards.  

S.T.E.A.M. Award - This award will require girls to learn and explore a variety of topics in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Outdoor Exploration Award - This award will be available for Butterflies, Eagles and Owls only and will cover 40 different outdoor skills and experiences.

Career Exploration Award - Designed for Eagles only this award will help girls focus in on career choices and help them plan for continuing education after high school



Field Trips!

by Ashley Thomas, Troop #177

One of the things our troop loves is field trips! Over the past year we have toured the local fire station, radio station, tv station, doughnut shop, Hyundai car manufacturing plant, art museum, army aviation museum, went zip lining, spent a day on a local farm, and slept on a WWII Battleship! We love to go out in our community and learn first hand and are excited to go and tour a cavern next week!

 As a troop leader I usually spend an hour or two every couple of months calling and emailing places that I think the girls will be interested in learning about. I do not have a hard time setting them up for a few months out at a time, and almost all of them have been free or very inexpensive.  We are able to spend 1 meeting on all the badge work and 1 meeting touring a facility that goes along with the badge we are working on. We keep most of them local or within an hour drive but have ventured as far as 3 hours away. One of the ways I find field rips is doing a Facebook search for “field trips” to see what trips my friends and other schools have taken. I have also googled “scout days” with success. I give my parents a printed calendar for a few months out at a time detailing addresses, times and any extra costs of field trips.  

 I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am!



Historically Accurate Disney Princess Dances

by Adventures in Dance

If you are a Disney fan or love to dance, Adventures in Dance has a wide variety of videos and dance instruction to match accurate historical dances to various Disney characters.  This is a great resource for anyone working badges such as Dance, Historical Era, or even Disney Movie (specific).  Check out the Historically Accurate Princess Dances Facebook page for links to each dance, all of which have videos in full character costumes!    Each dance also comes with a variety of historical information about the time period itself. 

Here is a list to everything You tube

And on  online

Antiquity: 700 BC – 500 AD 

  • How to Dance Like A Hobbit– Learn More
  • Greek Kalamatianos dance with Hercules (1200 BC) – Learn More
  • Chinese Dragon Dance with Mulan (500 AD) – Learn More

Medieval Princess dances: 5-1450 AD

  • Princess Guinevere and King Arthur How to Dance the Saltarello  (400 AD) – Learn More
  • Robin Hood and Maid Marion improved Bransle de original Toss a Wench Carol Dance  – Learn More
  • Robin Hood How to toss the Duchess  simpler version with no kicks (1194 AD) – Learn More
  • Merida from Brave How to Cèilidh Dance Strip the Willow or Drops of Brandy  (900-1066?AD) – Learn More
  • Sleeping Beauty How to Dance Greensleeves Medieval Court dance  (1300-1400 AD)- Learn More 
  • Maleficent How to Dance Greensleeves Medieval Country Dance  (1300-1400 AD) – Learn More
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame Turkish Brawl dance how to (1482) (coming soon)

Renaissance Princess Dances: 1300-1700 AD
(Tudor / Elizabethan 1558-1607)

  • Snow White How to Dance the Renaissance Galliard  (1500-1550 AD)  – Learn More
  • Pocahontas II– Elizabethan Renaissance court dance Pavane (1607)  – Learn More
  • Pocahontas 2 La Volta dance how to (1607)- Learn More



Wags 4 Hope

by Annie Blumenfeld

My name is Annie Blumenfeld and I am a student at Cornell University.I I came across your wonderful inspiring work with Frontier Girls and would love to share my mission with you. I am the founder of Wags 4 Hope a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization I formed after rescuing my dog from a high kill shelter in Texas. Please read about my mission below and I would be so appreciative if the girls would like to help support my mission. I can share with you a video of how to make safe environmental friendly dog toys and perhaps the girls would like to hold an animal collection and together we can help
these deserving animals. Please visit my Wags 4 Hope website and FB page.  



River Rat Parade

by Alexis Harrington 

Frontier Girls Troop #448 of Petersham, Massachusetts marched in the annual River Rat parade held in Athol on Saturday, April 14th. Their troop is the first in the region and they have 20 members, with girls ranging from grades 1-4. The picture attached was featured in the local newspaper.






Sewing to Serve

by Elizabeth Simmons

Last month we focused on options to sew for the quilting badge. This month, I am sharing a list of ideas for other projects. Each of these, you would need to contact a local organization to check on needs and requirements before embarking on your project. You want your time to be useful ?

  • -Simple teddy bears or other small stuffed animal for children in foster care
  • -Baby safe stuffed animals for a crisis pregnancy center
  • -Walker pockets for a nursing home
  • -Tote bags for a food pantry or homeless shelter
  • -Quilts or simple diaper bags for a crisis pregnancy center
  • -Linens for a church (altar cloths, banners, etc.)
  • -Small sewn bags or other crafts to sell to raise money for a charity or project
  • -Blankets or cage pads for an animal rescue/shelter
  • -Feminine cloths to put in feminine hygiene kits to send with missionaries
  • -Fidget blankets or adult aprons for nursing home
  • -Facial masks for a childrens hospital
  • -Turbans and head wraps for a cancer center

The possibilities are truly endless. Pinterest and google can help with even more options. Ask around at places near you. Chances are, there is a need that your skills can meet.