A Note From the Founder

The school year is coming to a close and troops are getting ready for their annual awards ceremonies.  We just updated all of the badge and award certificates to include the new Penguin level and have made them available in printable form in the Leader section of the website.  If any Leaders have slow Internet access and can't download the PDF files, just let me know.  We are working on transitioning all of our forms and certificates to a format that will allow you to type into them before printing out, but they won't be ready for a while yet.  For those troops who hand out badges and awards as they are earned instead of at the end of the year, these certificates are a great way to honor your girls at the ceremony.

Don't forget that May is our busiest month for badge and award orders, so get your order in early.  It will take at least a week to make your badges and get them shipped out and I want to make sure that all troops get their items in time for their ceremonies.

Girl of the Month

Caroline Duke, Penguin, age 5, Troop 109

Caroline has grown up with Frontier Girls: she was only 18 months old when her mom, Sylvia Duke, and her friend Diana Havir started Troop 109 in Hawkins TX.  She came along to each meeting learning all the time how to be a “real” Frontier Girl.

When Sylvia and Diana first came up with the idea of a Penguin Level for preschoolers, it was not possible to make it an official part of the program, so they worked it out on their own with a slight adjustment to the uniform, and did it anyway.  When Caroline turned 3 years old she became an official Penguin member of their troop.  As of last fall, thanks to the hard work and dedication of both Sylvia and Diana, the Penguin Level was officially added to the Frontier Girls program as well.

Since becoming a member of Troop 109, Caroline has earned 41 merit badges; the Life Skills Award; the Liberty Award and a Servant’s Heart.  She is finishing up her Fruit of the Spirit Award and should qualify for her Gem Award by the end of this school year.

Her favorite activities in Frontier Girls have been the Camp Out, the Ladies’ Afternoon Tea Parties; Cookie Mix Making; earning Servant’s Hearts, and the Ballet Dancing merit badge.  She has been active in the Troop’s Community Service Project of tying fleece blankets to donate to the local Women’s Shelter and is finishing up her second Servant’s Heart by giving her time to this.

Caroline *loves* Frontier Girls and is excited to be moving up to Otter Level in September!

Above and Beyond Award - Elisabeth (Izzy) Samel

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-February 20th, 2012


          We would like to honor Elisabeth Samel, otherwise knownas Izzy, a Patriot from NC with the Above and Beyond Award.  The Above and Beyond Award is a new Frontier Girls Award given to girls or adult members who go above and beyond and have demonstrated heroism by saving or attempting to save a life at minimum risk to self. The action taken need not involve attempts of rescue at risk to self but must put into practice Frontier Girls skills and/or ideals. Here is her story.
            "While staying on the 5th floor of Long Beach Resort with an ocean front view, my husband spotted a red object in the ocean during a thunderstorm. He decided that it must be a buoy instead of a boat as he had previously thought. He suggested that we should continue with our meal. Elisabeth, worried that it could be a person used her binoculars to view the object along with the rest of us. Her dad was sure it was a buoy and I thought it looked like something more but it was drifting further out and I could not make it out. Elisabeth decided that it was a person on a boat, and after further viewing I agreed. It almost looked like two people at some moments but we think it was the leg of the person who needed either rescue or a miracle. Elisabeth, becoming extremely frightened for the posibility of a person in need insisted that we call 911. By this time, the object was almost invisible to our eyes and barely visible with the binoculars. I contacted Beach Security in the hotel to report it and they sent a security person to spot the object from the 11th floor. Security rescue trucks drove onto the beach and we went down to meet them to tell them what we saw. We drew a conclusion that it was a surf board and surfer. We waited with security and discovered that it was a surfer who made the wise choice to let go off his broken surf board and try to swim to safety. He had made it in further down the beach and we were with the security officers when the call came in. We were informed that a surfer had been rescued earlier in the day even though weather reports had been sent out against any water activities for the duration of the storm. We are proud of her for being persistant and not letting us rest until we called for help. - Lisa Samel"

New Badges Released in May (Sorry, no pics yet!  They are on their way)


New Frontier Girls Hats?

          Elisabeth Vicoryosmanson, a Pioneer from AZ, decided that Frontier Girls needed a hat for their uniform and came up with a few ideas.  We would like to get the input of our members to see if their is enough interest to add these to our official uniform and carry them in stock.
          For cost reasons, we would probably go with all red berets, regardless of the girl's level, though Elisabeth suggested we might use berets in the color of the level (yellow for Otters, blue for Dolphins, etc.).  On the front of the hat we would put either a Frontier Girls patch or a patch of the animal represented by the level.
          The ones shown on Elisabeths hats are just prototypes, not the actual patches (though she did a great job putting them together).  If you have any opinions or ideas regarding a final hat choice, please email Kerry at    My biggest problem has been finding a source for small children.  The adult hats will not fit our Penguins and some of the smaller Otters.  All ideas are welcome.

Tips and Treasures

Giant Twister Game - Submitted by Karen BrittonIn an effort to increase registration in her troop, Karen held a Twister themed evening. It was a smashing success and 6 new girls joined their troop. This idea would also be great for troop sleep overs

Thank You From our Soldiers

Raymond Powell, stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan, and the men and women who work with him would like to say thank you to the girls who have been sending them care packages.  If you are not currently part of our Support
A Solider project, email for details.
Keep the packages coming girl!

Izzy's Corner

Brand new to the Frontier Girls website is Izzy's Corner.  I discovered quite a awhile ago that Izzy (Elizabeth Samel from NC) loves to craft and that she documents her crafts with step by step photographs.  Each month Izzy will be adding a new craft to our website complete with step by step instructions and photos on how to make it.  Her first craft, for the month of May, is Origami Roses.  These adorable paper flowers can be made big or small and is a great project for girls working on the Origami badge, Paper Crafting badge, Crafts badge, or even the Spring or Mother's Day badges.  Simply click on the link below to be taken to Izzy's page on our website.

May Contest:

Design an original Frontier Girls cartoon.  Entries must be received by May 31.  Include  your name, mailing address and Frontier Girl level with your submission.  $5 will be awarded to the winning entry from each level.  Parents and Leaders may also participate at the adult level.

Winning April Poems:

Penguin: No Entry
Otter: No Entry
Dolphin: Elisabeth Vicoryosmanson
Butterfly: No Entry
Eagle:  Charlotte Duke, TX
Adult:   Sylvia Duke, TX


   The Sherriff's Office
Elizabeth Vicoryosmanson, Pioneer, Dolphin level, AZ
Never touch a gun,
Always wear your bike helmet.
Don't go near a stranger in a car,
Stay away from strange dogs.
Say no to drugs,
Don't drink and drive.
Police are here to help,
Jail is where you'll go if you do wrong.
Make wise choices and you'll lead a good life.
This is what I learned from the Sherriff's office.

Camping Out

By Charlotte (R) Duke, Eagle, Troop 109

Tents and cars all over the field;

Breakfast in the early morn;

Bright sunshine and cool, deep shade

“Come on, there’s the dinner horn!”


Sunburnt necks and arms and faces;

Wood smoke drifting on the air;

This most peaceful of all places

Makes us want to stay fore’er!


Pitching tents and watching birds;

Cooking on the big wood fire;

“Do we have to go to bed?

We really are not all that tired!”


Riding ‘round on that old trailer;

Watching bunnies, stars and deer;

Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup --

“Lovely! Aren’t there any more here?”


Pack up sleeping bags and tables --

“Come on, you’ve had fun; don’t grieve.”

“Yes, I know, but do we really,

Really, really have to leave?”



The Most Fun Thing I Have Done at Frontier Girls?


Four years of fun

And I have to choose one

Small piece of the pile

That made me smile?

When each event

Was time well spent:

Seeing faces beaming;

Bright eyes gleaming

With excitement of learning;

And young girls turning

From rosebuds to flowers,

Amidst the hours

Of challenge and laughter --

With memories after

Of friends who were caring,

All the while sharing

The joy of giving,

In life that is living,

With word and with deed

The Frontier Girl’s Creed.


Sylvia R Duke, Leader, Troop 109