Issue #92 - June 2019


A Note From the Founder - Meet me in Maryland!

We have a new badge for RC vehicles that can be adapted for any RC vehicle you wish to learn about.  If anyone is interested in earning the RC Gas Motor Boat badge, we have been invited to the IMPBA (International Model Power Boat Association) national gas motor races at Fort Ritchie in Cascade, MD from June 27-29.    Entry is free of charge and I will have all information necessary to earn the badge.  Several of the racers have offered to tell the kids a bit about their boats and answer questions as well.  Anyone who attends and earns the badge will receive a coupon to the FG store to get the badge for free (shipping not included so I suggest ordering the badge with a larger badge order.)

If you plan to attend, make sure to bring a lunch, sunscreen and folding chairs to watch the races.  No pets allowed.  Races are from June 27-29 at Lake Royer at Ft. Ritchie, 14320 Barrack Ave., Cascade, MD 21719.  I am hoping I will have cell service at the race site, but am unsure as facilities are extremely limited.  If I do, I can be reached at 530-524-8799.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP via email to with the estimated number of people so that we can plan accordingly.  Thank you.



Frontier Girls of the Month - Elizabeth and Madeline Winslow - Troop 344

Elizabeth and Madeline Winslow, sisters from Troop 344 in Northern Maine, recently earned the Gem Awards at their respective levels.
Elizabeth, Age 11, has been attending Frontier Girls since she was in 3rd grade. She earned over 150 badges and the Gem award as a Dolphin, and now has completed the requirements again in her first year as a Butterfly. She volunteers several hours every week helping instruct dance classes, teaching Junior Church, helping at AWANA, and playing piano for her church’s youth and adult worship bands. She has completed over 200 hours of service hours in her Frontier Girls career. Her Make a Difference project involved coordinating craft projects to donate to the Children’s ministry at her church. All the items were used for prizes and awards to pass out to Junior Church members for various accomplishments. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys playing piano and flute, doing anything at her church, especially worship and youth activities, reading, dancing, and playing with her goats.
Madeline, age 10, has been attending Frontier Girls since the 1st grade. She earned the WOW, Liberty, Life Skills, and Fruits of the Spirit awards as an Otter, and now has repeated them all as a Dolphin. She has completed over 100 hours of community service in her 4 years in Troop 344. She volunteers regularly at her church and plays music for residents at a local retirement community. Her Make a Difference project involved leading her troop in Random Acts of Kindness, assigning a different activity each week for the members to complete at home. She enjoys playing the piano and fiddle, dancing, running, playing tennis, playing with Barbies and Legos, and sewing.

New Badges Added

RC Vehicle (Specific) badge, Zero Waste badge, Boating Safety Historical Event (specific)


Cassi Jensen - 1,000 Badges Earned!

On May 17, 2019, Cassi Jensen became the first Frontier Girl to earn 1,000 badges, qualifying for her second Pinnacle Award.  It took her 1,477 days (4.7 years), averaging 1.5 badges per day to reach this milestone.  Cassi joined Frontier Girls as a senior in highschool, earning the Diamond Award in a single year and has been passionately pursuing badges ever since.  As an Owl member, badges are not easy to earn and take quite a bit of time and commitment, but Cassi has a passion for learning and earns badges for just about everything that comes her way.  Way to go Cassi!




Astronomy and Planets Day Camp in PA

by Ellen Smith

I wanted to share this “Summer Day Camp” with other Frontier Girls’ Troops in our area Southeastern/ Central Pennsylvania. If you are interested in more information, please message me.

The final day-camp of our Summer Series will be Astronomy and Planets! We have partnered with Martian Meteorites and Pottsville Planetarium to host this day camp. Campers will be earning their Astronomy and Planets Badge, along with earning their National Park Junior Ranger Night Explorers’ badge. Each camper will receive a custom-made REAL Meteorite Necklace (which will be customized and made right in front of them). Cost for this camp will be $28 per girl, which includes their necklace and admission into the Planetarium.

This camp will be planned for the end of June/beginning of July (on a Sunday).

Free Airplane Flights for Youth with Young Eagles Program

Frontier Girls Troop #159 took to the skies last month to honor Sandy Yearwood, the inspiration behind Frontier Girls, who passed away in December.  Daughter of an airline pilot, Sandy received her pilots license at the age of 16 and retired from American Airlines as one of their top trainers.  

Launched in 1992, the Young Eagles program through EAA has dedicated more than 25 years to giving youth ages 8–17 their first free ride in an airplane.

It’s the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation.

Today, more than 2 million young people have enjoyed a free introductory flight through the Young Eagles program. These flights are made possible through the generosity of EAA member volunteers.

Vist the EAA website for more details:



by Holly McCluskey

Because I look through the group looking for ideas I thought I’d share how we adapted the Sportsmanship badge this weekend.

We were at a big cheerleading competition and a trend that started this year was people decorated clothes pins wishing people on other teams good luck and then at the competition they get pinned to the cheer bags. The picture is an example of some of the ones my oldest daughter received this weekend. So before we left my daughters decorated a bunch of clothes pins and during the weekend they pinned them to the bags of kids on opposing teams wishing them good luck. This could probably also be adapted for other sports as well.




If you have never heard of a "sit-upon" it is a home made waterproof cushion of some variety that is easily pack-able that you can sit on when camping or participating in outdoor activities.  There are several varieties of sit-upons from basic pillows to seats with built in storage and they are easy to make.  If you plan to be outdoors a lot this summer, check out this fun projects.

Simple Instructions for a hand sewn sit-upon by Adventures in Making

DIY: How To Make A Sit-upon





Bucket Storage Sit Upons otherwise known as "Pickle Barrels" by Positively Splendid








Easy no sew sit upons by Pretty Prudent

Pretty Prudent Summer Camp: 5 Minute DIY Sit-Upon