Issue #58 - July 2016



kerry faceA Note From the Founder - Summer Fun

Many Frontier Girls troops close for the summer due to scheduling difficulties, but that does not mean you can't work on your own from home. Summer time is a great time to work on badges you have been dying to earn, but the rest of your troop is not as keen on. Family vacations are also a great time to earn some extra badges on your own. If you plan to go out of town, look at the Travel Destination badge which can be earned for any location you plan to visit. Hot weather brings on opportunities of its own. Heading for the coast, how about Beach Fun? How about Water Games or Fun at the Pool? Look to the outdoors and explore badges such as Natural Wonders (specific) and earn a badge for streams, rivers, waterfalls, caverns, mountains, etc. What about hiking, camping, and outdoor cooking? The possibilities are endless, so don't let the summer fly by without learning something new!



New Badges We've Added!

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zoo-polar-bear_M1FPYUK_Pointers for Patriots - Visit a Zoo!

If you or someone in your immediate family is active duty military, there are many zoos that offer free admission, especially with Independence Day coming up. Check your local zoo to see if they offer free admission for you and your family! Here is a list of some zoos that do offer free admission for the following dates:

  • Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden - July 4
  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - June 29 - 5
  • Naples Zoo - July 3 - 6
  • Houston Zoo - No date restrictions
  • San Diego Zoo - No date restrictions
  • Minnesota Zoo - July 1 - 7
  • Louisville Zoo - No date restrictions
  • Pittsburgh Zoo - No date restrictions



image3Girl of the Month
Amanda Piccirillo, Owl, Pioneer

"When I joined Frontier Girls in December, I never knew how exciting and
rewarding it would be. I have always been involved in Girl Scouts and was looking for a way to be more than just a leader to a group of girls. While I enjoy leading others in badgework and activities; its often what they are interested in. I didn't get the opportunity to explore and investigate the things I wanted. I stumbled upon Frontier Girls and I was ecstatic! Finally I had a way for me to explore and earn badges. It was a way for me to branch out, meet new people and learn about new things. I discovered that there is a badge for everything and if there isn't you could always write your own.
In the past six months since joining I have earned 116 badges in all 9 areas of discovery. I've earned my Liberty Award and my Majors in Character, Knowledge, Arts and the Outdoors. I'm 10 hours away from completing the 100 hours needed for my first Servant's Heart. After I finish my Servant's Heart, I plan on working on the remainder of the Majors as well as finishing my Fruit of the Spirit Award. Lastly I am always looking for penpals or SWAP partners. This summer I am trying to collect postcards from each of the 50 states. So feel free to contact me if you are looking for a fellow
Frontier Girl!"


genevieve wrightCongratulations Genevieve Wright!

Genevive Wright is an Otter in Frontier Girls Club 191 from Columbia, PA. She achieved the WOW! award before moving up to a Dolphin. Thanks to her mother, Tara, Miss Emily and Miss Tracey her leaders, she was able to complete her goal. Congratulations Genevive!







US HISTORYBadge of the Month - American History

In honor of our nation's celebration of independence this month, our featured badge is American History. This is an especially great opportunity for all of our East Coast Frontier Girls to visit some of our country's historic landmarks in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Virginia, etc. There is even information listed below about attending Patriot Camp! We have included a few links to help you earn this badge, and it will be discounted in our store all month at only $0.75. Good luck!


patriotprogramPatriot Camp Program - Sign Up Now!

If you live in or near Hendersonville, North Carolina, then now is a great opportunity to sign up for the Patriot Program! The program will run from July 11 - 15, and sign up closes on July 4. It is for ages 8 - 12 and there is a $20 fee. Here is what the program is about: Patriot Camp is summer school for small patriots. It is designed to teach children the founding of our country in a fun camp setting. The children will meet many of our founders in costume, and learn why we signed the Declaration of Independence and fought in the Revolutionary War. They will explore how the US Constitution/Bill of Rights and the free market system brought the most freedom and highest standard of living to the greatest number of persons in history. There will also be fun games and crafts. For more information, please contact Melissa Wray at Or, feel free to contact Frontier Girls directly and we will forward the registration form to you.




20160625_101308Troop 210 Helps in a Flag Retirement Ceremony

We are proud to share this email we received from the leader of Troop 210. This is why our program is so rewarding!

"Dear Kerry,

I wanted to let you know about some amazing work Troop 210 did today. Our sponsors, the local VFW Post 8006, asked for the scouts (both Quest boys and Frontier Girls) to help in a flag retirement ceremony. Over 2,000 flags were burned and these are pictures of the older girls instructing our younger members how to do it properly. As a leader, they made me extremely proud and I wanted you to know that thanks to your organization these girls have had this opportunity to be asked to help. To know the importance of this and the understanding that younger members are just as good at things as older ones, they just need a little more training. As a former Girl Scout troop I know we would never have been able to experience this. So my deepest thanks to you.

-Jodi Barrineau Troop Leader 210




niagara falls3Troop 144 Went to Niagara Falls!

For their end of year trip, Troop 144 decided to visit Niagara Falls, NY. They had a total of 63 people attend! Their troop also earned 7 badges and put on a concert with kazoos they made themselves. Other attractions they visited were the New York Power Plant, the Cave of the Winds, Luna Island, the Aquarium and Discovery Gorge Museum, and the Corning Glass Museum. What a fun trip! Also, how awesome are their Frontier Girls t-shirts?!






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