Issue #57 - June 2016

kerry faceA Note From the Founder - New Badge Tracking Program Launched!

The Frontier Girls badge list has grown over the last 10 years to almost unmanageable proportions. Our commitment to write a badge for anything the girls wish to learn about has created thousands of possibilities, but keeping track of requirements and badges completed has become a paperwork nightmare. I am proud to announce that we have just launched a free badge tracking system as part of your membership. While it is still in the beginning phases and there will be lots of additions and improvements to come, it does works! To access the system, go to the Members Area where there is a Membership Menu on the right side of the screen. At the top of the menu is a link called Caspio Data Tracking. Create an account and then click on either the Parent/Girl options or the Troop Leader options depending on your membership.  Badge tracking, Servant's Heart hours tracking and troop membership rosters are already operational. Award tracking is being programmed and should launch next month. I encourage you to please email us with any insights as you test out the program. Let us know what works and what doesn't. What changes or additions would you like to see?
You can also follow this link to be taken directly to the Caspio Data Tracking:


cassi and megan2016 Megan Lundquist Award Presented by....Megan Lundquist!

Megan Lundquist, the first winner of the Megan Lundquist Continuing Education Award in 2014, is now a 20 year old Owl and the Penguin Leader of Troop #159. This year Megan won the Abby Olson Continuing Education Award and used some of the money to fly out to Salt Lake City to personally present the Megan Lundquist Award to this year's recipient, Cassi Jensen.

"Thank you for this amazing program that has stretched me and shown me that it's okay to try new things, okay to fail and try again, and okay to do things even when they are scary! I had a really good time meeting Cassi, and representing Frontier Girls." - Megan Lundquist





New Badges We've Added!

Click on the badge to be taken to the specific requirements.

poisonous plantsself defenseoccupationdisneyland disney california adventure















Looking for a way to display the extra badges you’ve earned that won’t fit on your vest anymore? Or the perfect gift for the avid badge collecting Frontier Girl? We have a solution! Our red wall banners are a great way to display badges, as well as a thoughtful gift for any girl who is advancing levels and needs a place to store or display her previous level badges. Each banner comes with the appropriate level ribbon. For instance, if a girl is graduating from a Dolphin to a Butterfly, and has to remove her Dolphin level badges from her vest, our wall banners would be the perfect place for her to still display the badges she earned as a Dolphin. You can use the banner while advancing multiple levels, or order new ones for each level! Either way, they are a marvelous way to display your hard earned badges, instead of storing them away somewhere. Wall Display Banners are $9.99 plus shipping and are made to order. One of our wonderful troop leaders Sylvia creates them for us so please expect a higher wait time than other products.



DSCN0712Troop 159 Honored by Their Local VFW Auxiliary

For the past several months, Troop 159 in Colorado Springs has been building a relationship with the local VFW Post 101 Auxiliary. They have served at a tea honoring female veterans, placed flags for Memorial Day, marched in the Veterans Day parade and more. On May 9th, they were presented with a certificate from the VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters. They are the first youth group in the state of Colorado to be honored with the Youth Activities Award, presented "in recognition of their Youth Group Supporting Our Veterans 2015-2016." The Post Auxiliary also blessed them with a donation and Troop 159 will be partnering with them for many future events and activities.



zoeGirl of the Month
Zoe Hillegas, Dolphin, Troop 144

by: Karen Britton, Troop 144 Leader

Zoe Hillegas is a 5th grade dolphin from troop 144 in Pennsburg PA. Zoe has been in our Frontier Girl’s troop for 4 years. She is also a 3 year member of our tall flags team. She has marched in 2 Memorial Day parades and also in 2 Halloween parades. She is always offering to help with set up, clean up and with the younger girls. If the troop needs someone to help at a booth, Zoe is there and can promote Frontier Girls really well because she believes in Frontier Girls. She is active in her Sunday school and bible club as well. In school she is a member of Girls on the Run, a girl empowerment club. While in our troop Zoe has earned many servant hearts as well as her otter make a difference and is currently finishing up her dolphin make a difference award. Zoe is collecting peanut butter and jelly for local food pantries and homeless shelters in our area. Her project was going to be collecting at her school but she was not satisfied with how much was collected so she has now gone to another local school and asked if she could also collect there. She set her goal and is not going to settle for less. Zoe was my first girl to earn the WOW award. She has also earned the liberty award, discovery award and fruit of the spirit award. She is currently working her hardest to complete one item to earn her life skills award before she steps up to the next level. I know she’ll do it!



smoresBadge of the Month: S'mores!

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than by earning one of our most popular badges? The S'mores badge is one of our favorites, so here are a few fun recipes to kick off summer and help you earn this delicious badge!

Check out this badge in our store, where it will be discounted for the entire month of June at $0.75!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMember Highlight: Charlotte & Sylvia Duke of Troop 109

Charlotte Duke of Troop 109 is the second Frontier Girl to earn her Owl Gem Award! She has worked diligently towards this award during her two years at Owl level. She has earned her second 100-hour Servant's Heart by assisting with the local troop, running the Book Room for the local thrift store/food bank, writing badges and participating in troop service projects. Charlotte has also been serving as Leader in Training, teaching some portions of Troop meetings, and also as Troop Reporter/Historian for the troop scrapbook. We want to congratulate Charlotte on this difficult achievement of earning her Owl Gem Award!

Sylvia Duke, the leader of Troop 109, has earned her Leader WOW! Award for teaching 100 badges! She has taught badges up through Eagle level. Sylvia has taught 47 badges to her troop since 2008 and 54 to her five children at home, ranging from Penguin/Otter to Eagle/Owl. This meant teaching badges at every level This is another difficult achievement and we would like to congratulate Sylvia!

Photo: (Left: Charlotte Duke. Right: Sylvia Duke)