Latch Hook Badgelatch hook

(Discover Art)

(Written by Ema Greaver, Troop 160)


 (You may do any higher level requirement as an optional requirement with a parent's permission.)


Penguin: Do 3 requirements including the one starred:

*1.  Be able to name the tools and materials you used latch hooking.


Otter:  Do 4 requirements including the two starred:

*1.  Do Penguin *1.

*2.  Complete a small latch hook project.


Dolphin:  Do 5 requirements including the two starred:

*1.  Do Otter requirements 1 & 2.

*2.  What is the best type of yarn to use for different applications.  For instance, which is the best type of yarn to use for a rug vs. a pillow or wall hanging?


Butterfly:  Do 6 requirements including the two starred:

*1.  Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2.  Complete 2 latch hook projects.

*2. Learn the history of latch hook and of rug hooking.


Eagle:  Do 7 requirements including the two starred:

*1.  Do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2.

*2.  Complete a larger latch hook or rug hooking project like a rug or wall hanging.


Optional Requirements:

3.  Compare prices between buying a latch hook project kit vs. buying all of the materials separately.  Which is the best value for your money?

4.  Find 3 things that you could make your latch hook project into.  Choose one and make it.

5.  Demonstrate how to latch hook to one of the other girls or leaders in your troop.

6.  Visit a museum that has examples of rug hooked rugs.

7.  Create a latch hook gift to give to someone or make latch hook craft projects to sell to raise money for a charity.

8.  Look up pictures of latch hook on the internet or in books.  Find at least 15 different latch hook projects or patterns.  How do they differ in complexity?

9.  Learn how to create a 3D feel to your latch hook project.

10.  Research the different types of hoops and frames that are used for different sized latch hook project.  What are the differences between floor stands and table stands?

11.  Make your own latch hook frame or stand.