March 2012 Newsletter

 March 2012, Issue #7

A Note From the Founder

What a busy month!  Where did February go?  The new website finally has most of the bugs worked out and seems to be working well.  We still have a long way to go to finish upgrading the badges though, so please be patient.  We will gradually be switching all badges over to the new website (rather than linking to the old pages) and re-vamping them to the new format and adding the Penguin levels.  A big thank you goes out to Sylvia from Troop #109 for organizing volunteers to help with this project.

Since many of our members are still on a dial up internet connection, we are changing the format of the newsletters so that they are imbedded into the website rather than PDF files.  Hopefully this will make downloading and reading the newsletter eaiser for all involved.  If any else as suggestions on ways to improve our program, I am always willing to listen.  We have had a lot of growth again in the last month with many new members siging up.  Please make them all welcome on the Yahoogroups and Facebook page!

Kerry Cordy

Jamboree – Important Message!!

Due to extreme drought, the Leader/Daughter Jamboree has been put on hold.  If we do not get rain by the end of March we may need to cancel.  In order to keep costs as low as possible, I had planned to hold the event on my property and use our 3 acre pond to swim, canoe, fish, bath, etc.  Unfortunately, we have had no rainfall this year and our storm season has passed.  Instead of looking like th picture to the left, the pond is still at its fall low and the dock is on dry ground.  With our summer temperatures easily reaching 100 degrees, it will continue to evaporate and may not be usable by the end of June (trust me, you do not want to go swimming if it looks like a mud hole and not a lake!).  I am researching possible alternate locations nearby, but so far have not found anything that fits our budget.  If you were planning to attend, please send me an email so that I can make sure you stay up to date on any changes.  Pray for spring storms!




Help Update Badges!

The following is a post from Slyvia of Troop #109, one of those the came up with the idea for the Penguin level.  She and her girls have been members since 2008 and some of our oldest members.  They have been a wonderful help in keeping Frontier Girls moving forward and the volunteer work they do helps keeps costs low for everyone involved.  If you would like to help Sylvia out with her latest project, please read below!

Hello Ladies,

I’m recruiting volunteers to help me with two projects that will help Mrs Cordy update the Frontier Girls’ Merit Badges.
Project 1: Writing Penguin Level Merit Badge Requirements. This is something that I’ve been doing for a little while, but I see from some of the posts on the Yahoo Group  that there is some interest in this area, so I’m hoping that some of you may like to help write these Penguin requirements. Please e-mail me if you are interested and let me know if there are specific badges that you are interested in writing requirements for. I will keep a master list so that we don’t duplicate effort!
Project 2: Checking out Website links to add to Merit Badges My daughter and some buddies did a Make A Difference Award a couple of years ago to find websites that Frontier Girls could use as resource links when working their merit badges. Each website link needs to be clicked on to check that they are: 1. Still there! 2. Actually do contain the content that the girls saw at the time. 3. That there are no inappropriate advertisements/material on the website
I only have a dial-up connection, so it is incredibly slow work to do this. I recommend that Broadband users volunteer for this project! I have checked out all the Agriculture and Art areas’ links, but all the links for the other Areas of Discovery still need to be checked. Once the links have been checked, those still active and suitable will be added to the end of the appropriate merit badge.
Once I have both the Penguin requirements and the weblinks, I will add them to the merit badge in its new format. When this completed then I will forward it to Mrs Cordy.
If you would like to help with one or both of these projects, then please e-mail me! Remember that any time spent on these can be logged in your Service Hours. 🙂 Looking forward to working with any of you who feel that you can help. 🙂

Sylvia Duke Assistant Leader Troop 109 Big Sandy, TX



Emma Lager - Frontier Girl of the Month, March 2012Girl of the Month- Emma Lager

Emma Lager,a 5th grade Dolphin from Troop #146 in Conception Junction, MO is our Girl Of The Month for March. Since becoming a Frontier Girl in September, she has earned 16 badges, and is working on more, has earned three Service Hearts, and found a sponsor for her troop who bought all the tall flags and poles for their team. Emma has been a leading force in getting her troop’s tall flag team up and running.  She has memorized the God Bless the USA routine, and is currently revamping it to add more twirls, and even a toss. She is is also choreographing a new tall flag routine to “Where the Stars and Stripes, and Eagles Fly” which she will start teaching her team this March. Emma has even choreographed how her team will walk in the parades this summer with their flags and with the help of her sister, wrote the Parade badge. She is currently serving as Photographer for her troop, and is always there to help the other leaders whenever necessary as well as helping the younger girls with love and caring, and without just doing things for them. Emma is an enthusiastic recruiter for more girlsto join her troop and does a great job of promoting Frontier Girls and what we stand for. She is currently trying to decide on a A Difference project, but can’t seem to decide between cleaning up the lake, adopting an overgrown flower bed at the local park, helping with story hour at the local library, or organizing a letter writing campaign to President Obama over the HHS mandate for the local kids.  Decisions, decisions….  If I know Emma, whatever does not get done now, will simply be put on the list to do later.  This is one girl lives our motto, “If you see a need, take the lead!”


New Badges for March

Below is a list of the new badges added to the website in the last month:

American Girl Dolls,  Courage,  Emergency Services,  Generosity,  March 4th (Forth!),    Aerospace,   Breyer Horses,  Drivers Training,  Little Women,   National Landmarks,  Native American Art,  Native Americans (specific tribes),  Penpal, Pinewood Derby,  Pizza,   Quilting,  Railroad,  Relationship Skills,  School Pride,  Sea World,   S.W.A.P.S.,  Teaching,   U.S. Geography, Water Color,   Will Rogers,   World Landmarks,   Zoos.










 New Frontier Girls Book Club

Adele Nolan started a virtual book club for anyone interested.  Each level will be reading a book for their age group and there will be discussions and question to go with it along with activities if she has them.  She is also hoping to earn badges alongside the books.  If you are interested in joining this group, please sign up  at

She will be posting polls for the books they will be reading in March.






Tips and Treasures

“Check out Terra Cycle.  Terra Cycle is a company that takes recycle-able items and reuses them.     Every item you turn in gives your brigade points to be used for charitable organizations or as products.  Here is the link that explains this program more.  We are using this program for both points and donations.”   Lori Sims, Frontier Kid’s Quest, Troop/Unit #165

“I picked up a copy of the BSA Fieldbook at our local council shop for under $5. It’s the 2004 edition, but it’s packed full of great pics, tips, ideas & instructions on planning & executing outdoor adventures. Over 500 pages! Even if you don’t have access to a council shop, it may be worth it to order online”. – Katie, Troop 159


Local Activities

Colorado Campout:   Troops, Patriots & Pioneers: We are looking to plan a camping trip this summer. If you’re interested in meeting up, please email me so we can start planning! – Katie, Troop 159 (Colorado Springs)

Fairy Hunt in Northern California – Join us for the 6th Annual Fairy Hunt at Cordy’s Pond.  April 14, from Noon-2:00pm at Cordy’s Pond, 17040 Austin Lane, Cottonwood, CA  We will be hunting for fairy jewels and treasure, making fairy crafts, eating fairy snacks, and hiking to collect wildflowers (if it every decides to rain so they wil grow….).  You can view pictures of last year’s Fairy Hunt on the Frontier Girls Facebook page.





The March Contest is to take a photograph of your favorite springtime thing and send it in.  The winner from each level will receive $5.  One entry per person.  Please include your name, troop number (or pioneer), level, and mailing address with your submission.






Winners of the February Essay Contest are:

Penguin:  no entry

Otter:  Nathalie Lager, Troop 146 

My Favorite Frontier Girl memory is the Christmas party. We made Yule Logs out of chocolate icing and biscuits, the chocolate smelled so good that we couldn’t resist.  Then we did  snow globes we made them  out  of  baby oil, the baby  oil did  not work, so we had to dump it out and we  just used little toy Santa clauses, Christmas  trees, elf’s, water and glitter, ribbon and beads on the side. Then we  made  candles  for special   presents  we  made them out of candles and stickers, the stickers  are beautiful, and  we  had to wrap them with construction paper. Then we made Joy Journals, if we  did not  get them done we had to have homework. It was all fun!  Last we had a relay race to fill our stockings with candy and bouncy balls and stamps. It was so much fun, we did not even care who won. We also learned how to say Merry Christmas in several different languages. Feliz Navidad!


Dolphin:  Elisabeth Vicoryosmanson,  Pioneer

    The best thing I have gotten to do as a Frontier Girl was go to the Post office.  We learned all about the mail and how it gets delivered and that you can send real birds in the mail. And bugs. Wait, that’s not it. The best thing was getting to meet Mrs. Cordy-Kerry.  She was nice…no, the best was meeting Zoee on the computer.  And getting postcards from everybody.  No, that’s not the best.  Winning the poetry contest was the best. And writing badges. Or maybe it was learning to skate. I liked making the jewelry the best. And learning about Japan, and candy sculpting. I’ll have to think about it a little more.


Butterfly:  No entry

Eagle:  No entry