Plush Toy Badgeplush toys

(Discover Knowledge)

(Written by Rachael, Makayla, Katelyn Lawrence)


  Penguins: do 3 requirements including the 2 starred

  Otters: do 4 requirements including the 2 starred

  Dolphins: do 4 requirements including the 2 starred

  Butterflies: do 6requirements including the 2 starred

  Eagles: do 7 requirements including the 2 starred

Owls: do 9 requirements including the 2 starred


_____ 1.* Find out what the 'first" stuffed toy was and what country it was from.

_____ 2.* Lean about the history of stuffed toys.  What materials were used to stuff the original stuffed toys and what materials are used now?  Look at pictures of stuffed and plush toys over history.

_____ 3. Bring your favorite stuffed toys to show your troop and tell why they are special to you.

_____ 4. Earn the collecting badge for your level using your plush toys.

_____ 5. Host a stuffed animal tea party and invite your friends and their favorite stuffed toys.

_____ 6. With an adult’s help/permission, look online for 3 charities that accept gently used stuffed toys and find out what they do with them.  Collect stuffed toys and donate them to one of the charities you researched.

_____ 7. As a family or troop, organize a stuffed toy drive for charity.

_____ 8. Discuss with an adult or write a paragraph on why you think stuffed toys are important. How do they help people?

_____ 9. Discuss with an adult or write a paragraph comparing stuffed toys to baby dolls. What are the differences and similarities of what we can learn from them?

_____ 10. Find out the definition of the word "Essentialism". How do you think it applies to stuffed toy?

_____ 11.  Visit an exhibit of plush toys.

_____ 12.  Make a simple plush toy yourself.

_____ 13. Learn about careers or volunteer options involving plush toys. What sort of job/position could you have? What would your hours and pay be like? Where would you volunteer?

_____ 14. Give a plush toy as a gift.

_____ 15. Learn about special or expensive brands of plush toys and what is significant of them.